In the last few weeks I have been having a back in forth with a group of moderates calling themselves Blue Dog Democrats. I’ve decided to take the time and explain my thoughts on this political fraction especially the Southern ones.

The Blue Dog Democrats are the moderates of the Democratic Party. They are the fence straddlers trying to retake “their” party from radical identity based lefties. Most of these Blue Dogs I have noticed are Southern and Whites. This really shows me the sort of people we’re dealing with. Why would one be part of a party that openly seeks to replace you as a White male/Southerner? The Democratic Party has made it clear that they don’t have room for any “White cis males” yet these spineless cowards still side with this Party of Anti-whites. I also find the Blue Dogs to be very selfish and conceited. These Blue Dogs utterly ignore all social and traditional boundaries for the idea of hyper individualism. They think that a Democracy full of trannies and soul-less, rootless cosmopolitans can actually function properly. The Blue Dogs are basically Libertarians that believe in government welfare. They have the habit of being extremely arrogant and pompous pseudo-intellectuals while promoting egalitarianism.

On immigration they seek only to stop illegal immigration but like always they like the iron resolve to take the measures to secure the border. In fact their whole problem is being spineless and timid. How can weak knee and selfish people like the Blue Dogs take back the Democratic party from zealous and dedicated marxists? Then you have the “Southern Blue Dogs” who are complete buffoons. These bird brains look up to JFK while advocating the CSA and States Rights. How could you advocate a tyrannical negrophile like Kennedy who completely ignored states rights when sending troops to Alabama and Old Miss to enforce race mixing. This complete cognitive dissonance characterizes these moronic Dixie Blue Dogs. Don’t get me wrong I would probably be a Democrat pre 1970 even but past then the party went to shilling for “muh minorities”. The Northern fraction of the Party since the 40s has been filled with negrophiles to Hubert Humphrey to JFK. The Party no longer wants or needs the White Southerner. This should be plainly obvious after the Democrats disavowed their own spokesmen, Joe Kennedy, for being too white. They also have been leading a viscous assault on all things Southern. To speak plainly the Blue Dogs are at best fools and at worse traitors to their race who deserve what all traitors deserve. All and all I’m totally disgusted with the moderate Democrats as much as the radical communist democrats. These BlueDogs are just moderately for the destruction of the White race instead of zealously. They are the enemy but unlike their Democrat brethren (like Antifa) the Blue Dogs lack the testicular fortitude to fight us. They’d rather sit up on their fence of moderation making snarky comments about how we’re just dumb for being dedicated for what we believe in.

-By Richard Ewell


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