Abortion has, for many decades, been a source of tension between the right and left, becoming one of the mainstream topics upon which nearly every political person takes a stand. Legalised in America after the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, and recently ruled in favor of in Ireland by referendum in late May of 2018.

Ireland, the same country who has proposed to flood its lands with migrants in order to make up for its demographic decline in births. Ireland’s fertility rate was 1.94 births per woman, a far cry from the replacement rate of 2.10. Once the vast new array of access to abortion goes into effect, we can expect Ireland’s fertility rate to plummet a good few points. This, of course, is all part of the globalist plan to replace the freedom-loving, morally conscious, mostly Christian, White people that inhabit Europe and the rest of the West.

The argument for abortion stems almost completely from the idea that a Human fetus is a part of the mother bearing it, not a seperate entity. Pro-choice advocates argue that Pro-lifers are trying to invade their womb and body in order to impose upon them the Christian morality that holds the West together. They go on and on about how it’s their body and how they should get to dictate what happens to the fetus.

The facts are that the fetus is a distinct entity from the mother as it is biologically different. Every cell has a different genetic code from that of the mother. It’s blood and gender is often different, along with it’s very nature. Sometimes even it race is different from the mother’s. A fetus does not magically become a human at birth, rather it is always a human, from the moment it was conceived whether the Pro-Choicers like it or not. The argument that a fetus is simply an extension of the mother is poor and simply not rooted in science and like many other leftist arguments, it takes a whole lot of mental gymnastics.

If abortion involves the effective killing of a seperate human entity, then it must be murder, right? Well, the left would argue it’s not, mostly because of the aforementioned false argument. This shows a great deal of hypocrisy the left has been harboring, often arguing that the right doesn’t care about children and condones the murder of them, neither of which are true.

Perhaps the worst argument for free, legal abortion is that illegal abortions would just spring up and threaten to harm the mother as they are by nature more dangerous. But most women would not break the law to kill their child, it’s simply too much trouble and the risk vs. reward factor is not worth it. Then Pro-choicers argue that the woman’s life is at stake in these underground abortion clinics. Again, they completely ignore the baby growing inside her and how its life will certainly end. Any woman willing to go to extroardinary lengths, including breaking the law, in order to murder her flesh and blood deserves the suffer the consequences. Why we should have any sympathy for such cold-blooded monsters is beyond me.

Then the Pro-choicers cry “What if she was rape?” The answer to the first question is that the solution to rape is not to kill the baby who had no choice in the matter. The solution is the punishment of the rapist, not the unborn. Pregnancy from rape is unfortunate for the woman, but I can’t say that gives her the right to abort the baby. Abortion should not be allowed at all as it is murder of a completely innocent human being. If the mother doesn’t want the baby then adoption is always available.

The truth about abortion is that it is a globalist sham to reduce the fertility rate of western countries so that they can be replaced by 3rd-world immigrants as well as an attack or spit in the face, rather, on Christian morality. Murder is a sin and they know this. That’s why they support it. They don’t give a damn about the women or their babies, they only care about lowering the number of births so that they can have an excuse to flood the country with millions of foreigners that will vote for them. Don’t listen to any of their pathetic, false arguments, take the hardline stance against abortion that any moral Christian would take. Children are our future and legacy, don’t abort them.

-By Southern Revivalist


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