I’m not eager for it, I don’t wish for it, and I sure as hell don’t endorse it, but the fact is that White Southerners are becoming a minority in their own lands and in some places we have already become a minority. We must learn how to fight back in our everyday lives at least as long as our percentage of the population is in decline or below 60%. That’s the way things are at the moment and for the forseeable future. Yankees, Hispanics, and Africans are flooding the Southland with no regard to us. Thankfully, they mostly stay in the cities but that won’t stay that way so we must prepare and act accordingly. But how do we do this?

First, we will want to put down any attacks on our culture and stop them in our tracks. When a Confederate statue is to be taken down we should rally to it with as many people as possible and we should also be prepared to fight for it. We should push our states to establish protections for Confederate statues, a ban on removal of such statues. When carpetbaggers attempt to cleanse our culture we must protest. This is cultural war, we have to act like it.

Second, we must not be afraid to show our cultural roots and the heritage that comes with it. Flaunt about your speech like it’s a trophy, boycott food that isn’t Southern(you’ll live, trust me), and wave those Confederate flags on your lawn and truck. Our culture is something to be cherished, and we do cherish it, but we cannot stop behaving like we do just because a few Yankees or Latinos come around. Don’t let them stop you; make your presence known. One issue that many Southerners and Westerners in general face is our tendency to be introverted when in groups of strangers. We censor ourselves and do not always say what we wish. There’s plenty of people that would not talk about Southern politics or the Yankee migration down here out of a fear that they will retaliate. They won’t, and you will find many like-minded Southerners who will stand by your side if you will only begin the movement and stand up for what is right. Our movement is not evil or malevolent. We do not call for violence (if anyone does, they are ostracized as they should be), we simply call for the preservation of our identity and people. It’s not built out of hate, it’s built out of love for our amazing and beautiful people. We can’t let outsiders stop us from being ourselves and we must unite with other Southerners to oppose this, which brings me to my third call to action.

One thing that Southerners and the Right struggle with is organization. We aren’t as good at founding organizations like the Left is, but we had better get good. There is a certain thing that Blacks do when they are in regions that have low Black populations. Whenever they see a fellow Black, they will do something to let the other Black know that they notice eachother. They will exchange a few words, start a conversation, or just give a simple nod of approval. Southerners should follow their lead. When we meet another Southerner we ought to start a conversation or do something to let the other Southerner know that we have noticed them. It won’t be as easy as it is for Blacks of course, as we are struggling against groups that look almost exactly like us. Yankees and other White carpetbaggers complicate this but we can still do it thanks to our cultural markers. Cowboy boots and a hat will give a Southerner away as well as they way they look if you know what to look for. Rural towns tend to have a handful of families that settled there and have their own distinct features which you can use to help identify a Southerner. But sometimes Southerners don’t look like the stereotypical image. To combat that, you have to up close. When you stand beside someone in line, greet them. If you notice an accent, have a small conversation. This can help us organize by allowing us to make connections. Our influence will soar throughout the South, leaving no place untouched, not even Alexandira, Virginia.

Moreover, you should study Southerners and Southern culture. If you know the little aspects of our people down to the nitty gritty, your time making connections will be much easier. See a certain facial feature in a Southern family? Study and remember it. See a difference in the Southern and American standard accent? Study it. See a difference in vocabulary? Study it. You must know things such as these or you will be cut off from our culture and people. Don’t let that happen.

If we do these things, the South will no seem to be simply a platform for Yankee and Hispanic colonization, it will again, just as it was in 1860, a land where its natives are strong, healthy, and present. If we simply grind our teeth and sit back, we will lose our dear home and culture. If we truly care, we will fight back with every fiber in our bodies. Voicing your opinion, making connections, and the occasional rally is the least we can do. Even if our population falls to 25%, the Southern people will be known for their undying and ever enduring willpower to remain as they were intended to be, independant, prosperous, moral, and proud. We can not let ourselves go down like Maryland or Northern Virginia, we have to fight.


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