The memory of the War of Northern Aggression has haunted the South since it happened. After the war, the South emerged as a drastically changed region and with a drastically changed people. No longer did we live with the burden of slavery and we haf lost much of our wealth and were subject to years of rebuilding and reconstruction at the hands of Northern carpetbaggers. We had failed to achieve our goal of independence and self-determination.

What we did gain, however, was a new, unified identity. One forged in remembrance and bloodshed of our forefathers in the strive for that independence. This is why we now have Confederate monuments no further than 20 miles apart, save a few remote areas. This is why no rural town in the South is absent of a Confederate flag and most, if not all, have plenty to go around. This is why we must protect our monuments, for they are reminders of our heritage.

But why are we even having to protect them? Nobody ever thought to dismantle and destroy them 60 years ago, at least not publicly. Why are our monuments and our representations of our heritage and identity come under attack? Russia still boasts WWII monuments despite fighting that war under an oppressive regime and even progressive Germany has a few monuments from that war. So why would our monuments come under such violent and hateful attacks like has been taking place recently?

-One of Russia’s WWII memorials

First and foremost, the main reason is cultural genocide, that is, the systematic and deliberate destruction of a culture or cultural group, usually by means of perversion of that culture’s morals and beliefs, the decline in participation of that culture’s gatherings, and most relevantly to us, the complete erasing of that culture’s symbols and identity. This has been occurring across the West for decades but now it has come to the South and has started to eat away at our society.

But this couldn’t have come to pass had it not been for the second reason, white guilt. Cultural genocide was only ever a dream without the guilt of the White Southerners as any federal ban on monuments or symbols of the South would stir up unrest and could possibly even violate the first amendment. With the guilt of slavery coming back to haunt us, some Southerners and many carpetbaggers have advocated, protested, and rioted to take down the monuments. The Cultural-Marxists and their useful idiots have been able to get away with their new movement to sweep the Confederate monuments away without much opposition.

-The aftermath of a Leftist riot in Durham, North Carolina

They have targeted us because we are a proud people. We have stood in the way of the Cultural-Marxists as a stronghold for Christianity, morals, and honor, but alas, the stronghold was broken and now we are at war for our identity and the right to keep our heritage unchanged. They hate us and want to subdue us once and forall.

Now, the false argument that the statues should remain because they are history threatens to give the leftists exactly what they want. Nobody would forget the Civil War if Confederate statues are taken down. What they would forget is that they are Southern and that their ancestors fought for the South against the Northern invader. Reducing the argument to simply history serves the purpose of reducing the statues to simple history. It makes us forget that the Confederate statues, monuments, and flags are our cultural symbols that remind us of our heritage, not just our history. We must call this exactly what it is, Cultural Genocide.

-By Southern Revivalist


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