Nowadays leftists and Neo-Conservatives are obsessed with the idea of “diversity”. “How great it would be to have all the world’s cultures in one figuritive box” they say. Great on paper maybe, but not so much in the real world.

During the Breakup of Yugoslavia we saw one country, full of diversity, split into 7 seperate countries, counting Kosovo. We saw it again in South Sudan, Yemen, the Soviet Union, and maybe even Syria. But the Breakup of Yugoslavia was not the first instance of balkanization, far from it. We need only look back to the Roman Empire to see one of the first example of it or yet another example not many know of, Grán Columbia. In fact, America has its fair share of secessionist movements, many of which have come about because of cultural or ethnic differences from the rest of the country such as California, Cascadia, New Afrika, and the Aztlán Movement which seeks to give Mexico back much of land acquired in the Mexican-American War.

So why would we want to continue on the road for “diversity” when we know that it has historically broken nations, not “enriched” them, as the left love to chant. Just look at how the “Rainbow nation of South Africa” is turning out. Furthermore, why is it that “diversity advocates only ever seem to advocate for it in White countries. What is so wrong with a homogenous country filled with one people and culture? Why is it considered so evil to want a nation to have the same kind of people 50 years from now as it does today?

The “diversity” advocates never push their “pro-diversity” agenda in Japan(though it’s starting), Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, or say, Vietnam. Rather, it is always Capitalist, White, Western countries that get this nonsense.

Notice also that leftists never call White countries diverse unless it has a considerable amount of Non-Whites regardless of however many different ethnicities it contains. America is the best example.

Taken from the 1980 census data for ancestry at census.gov

2000 census map, not exactly what a homogenous country looks like is it?

Note: the English population was much larger in previous records and it’s thought that many switched to American, German, or Irish.

Despite these numbers we somehow still aren’t considered a diverse country by the leftists. Yet many leftists would call Detroit diverse despite it being 80% Black. That’s fine though, since we know diverse countries are detrimental and should not aim to become one, lest we balkanize from tribalism and ethnic conflict.

The leftists, of course, are not interested in actual diversity, what they want is the complete and utter displacement of the European descended people and that is the reason they advocate for large-scale immigration from Non-White countries, because it weakens and divides us. That is why we can have cities like London (where it is only 40% White) be criticised as not being diverse. See, the left is playing word games and is using the power of language to persuade us into advocating for “diversity” or at the very least, not opposing it. Hitting a leftist with the question of “Why should we want diversity?” Will likely lead you to recieve the generic and unfounded “You’re racist” accusation.

Leftists use the word “diversity” when it benefits their agenda and will throw it away when it does not. This is how we know that “Diversity” is just a codeword for leftist maneuvering, which is why most of the time I used the word it is in quotations. When you encounter this word use in a political manner, you should not think of it in its literal sense, think of how they actually use it and call them out on it because it is an evil idea. Just like the word “racist” is now used for slander against White people, “diversity” is being used in an attempt to get Neo-Conservatives on the bandwagon which has worked to a certain degree. Don’t fall for it and don’t tolerate it. The Left does not care for sincere diversity.

By Southern Revivalist


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