Before the 60’s, it was firmly established that the sole bread-winner of the house was the man, the patriarch. After 2nd-wave feminism planted itself in the minds of the good people of the West, that changed slowly but surely. Women seemingly went from the prized matriarchs that took care of the children and nurtured them to inferior versions of men. I say “seemingly” simply because they are still the prized matriarchs whether we like it or not.

This drive to become equal to men in every way imaginable has however garnered some unwanted backlash that Southerners must acknowledge and not behave in. This backlash is the emasculated tendency to treat women like men when in fights which is precisely what I want to talk about today. But first, let’s lay out an example. Lets say that a woman and man are arguing. It gets very heated and the woman punches the man. How should the man respond?

Back in the day, men would not fight a woman even if she wanted it. If a man was slapped he wouldn’t slap the woman back, he would turn his cheek and tough it out, it’s only a slap after all. Today a “man” would most likely slap the woman back or more likely, push her back as he would a man (though men don’t typically slap). Usually this only results in the woman hitting the man again, sometimes with a punch or kick. The dishonorable man would then proceed to fight the woman.

This is simply unfortunate. Women are physically weaker than men and can be hurt more easily than a man so fighting them is already unfair. On top of that, you don’t need to do it. You could simply deal with her hissy fit and tough out some mild hits or you could restrain her so that she can’t hit you. Sure, this might not stop her from learning her lesson but you can walk away knowing that you did not engage in primitive and uncivilized behavior like fighting someone who slighted you very mildly. Of course, if she has a weapon or is an ungodly body builder that’s on steroids, then yes, the sensible thing would be to defend yourself, but the vast majority of women are not a bodybuilder and the vast majority of fights do not involve weapons. Our ancestors dealt with a few slaps and even punches, why can’t we? Are we that fragile?

We men must treat women as they are meant to be treated, like ladies, even if they are the opposite. We can not forget our common courtesies which include the undeniable fact that men are to protect women, not harm them, even if that means you are slightly harmed yourself. Have some restraint and again, don’t engage in uncivilized, senseless violence. Black America has taught its young men to do exactly that, to be the toughest man around and not to let others mess with you. If someone looks at a Black thug the wrong way they’re liable to be attacked by said thug. This is not the Southern way. The Southern way tells you to be honorable while doing that and not to start fights carelessly. You should not be a mindless brute. You are to be a respectable, courteous, brave, and hospitile man. Ever wonder why Black on Black crime happens so often so easily? I reckon it has something to do with the lack of masculine morals. Are we going to bow down to widespread and mindless violence? Or will we be the bigger person, so to speak, and pick our fights carefully? Are you, Southern Man, going to be the wise but strong patriarch our corpse of a country needs? It’s your decision.

-By Southern Revivalist


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