In recent years the left has slowly and subtly changed historically and traditionally White characters into mixed-race characters. The BBC and Disney are the best example of this, changing characters such as Achilles(his Black counterpart pictured above) and Margeret of Anjou into Black and mixed characters respectively, not to mention the countless Black extras that litter literally every new BBC show or movie. This can also be seen in Marvel movies with Heimdall(a norse god) being turned into a Black man with countless Blacks being placed in Asgard as well as an Asian.

Achilles in The BBC’s “Troy: Fall of a City”

But this isn’t even restricted to entertainment, it is now seen in historical videos released by leftist sources. Now Blacks are being placed in Ancient Scottish history to advance the idea that Non-Europeans played a major role in European history and success. This is obviously not true. These attacks by the left must not be tolerated. They seek only to brainwash Whites into believing that we are not responsible for our own success and cutting us off from OUR heritage.

A frame from a BBC “educational” video about Roman Britain

These forms of entertainment also lead many Blacks to be misguided with the ideology of Afro-centrism, whether intentional or not. Afro-centrists are the people who go about spouting that historical world leaders from all across the globe were actually African, with no real evidence. One victim has been Mozart but these lies are only really exclusive to people who were tyrants.

-So called Black Mozart

We must boycott these diversified forms of entertainment! DO NOT tolerate lies! DO NOT watch these shows! DO NOT buy these movies. DO NOT bow down to the leftist brainwashing! This is no different than when the left paints all Confederates as hateful, racist, genocidal, bigots. TURN OFF any of this propaganda when you see it, as all you are doing is encouraging these forms of entertainment or even worse, giving money to aid them. We must vote with our money and show them that we do not stand for the erasing of our people. I assure you these forms of entertainment are lousy anyway.

If you hate the removal of Confederate statues and the blatant lies about great American heroes and the Founding Fathers, then you should likewise hate the lies about our ancestors before America. Just as we should not stand for the Whitewashing of Africa, Asia, or any Non-European place, we should not stand for the blackwashing of Europe, it’s history, mythology, and folk tales. It’s our heritage at stake.

We have to vote with our money. Thid may be hard to properly pull off, as there’s always the traitors who will continue to celebrate this diversified entertainment or simply brush it off as irrelevant.

We can pull this off, Afrikaners have shown us that when they boycotted Spur Steak Ranches after an event of discrimination against a White man who defended his daughter and got into an argument with a Black woman. Spur’s sales consequently fell by 50% and the price of potatoes plummeted due to such a decrease in demand. We can do this, we’ve already started. Hollywood’s revenue has been falling in the last few years and so has the BBC’s.

Press on, boycott these lies, do not give in to our enemy’s deception.

-By Southern Revivalist


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