Black culture used to be very respectable but sadly true black culture has been driven from the mainstream and replaced with the horrific bastardization and perversion that is hood culture. Black Culture or Traditional Black Culture is Christian in nature with an emphasis on Christian morals and family life but that is long gone, thrown away for such barbaric and immoral practices. After the welfare state kicked in Blacks declined fast. Crime, STDs, Abortion, and Single parent homes skyrocketed after they had already been high.

But the welfare state wasn’t the only reason this happened. The increase in the popularity in drugs, incompetence in cities, and the subjugation imposed upon them by the left and their dogma has turned the once honorable Black communities into degenerative slums and ghettos.

The leftists have worked to bring about Hood Culture and the subserviant Black voter to the Democrat base. Black voters today do not think about their candidate, they simply vote for their party. This is troublesome to the modern world as we do not need mindless voters who vote for people with no merit. It’s true all races do this to some degree, but not like Blacks.

The first step is to establish a movement in the Black community. One of which does not resort to the “White Devil” victimization that the left wants them to commit their hearts and souls to. We must appeal to Black people’s Christianity to begin this long road. Is this realistic? Is it all in vain? I honestly don’t know but the lack of an attempt to do so would only hurt our own goals of a functional America

It should be made clear that Hood Culture does not just hurt Black America. It hurts all of America, though it is most hurtful to Black America. The glorification of violence that has happened with Hood Culture has resulted not just on Black on Black violence but also with Black on White and Asian violence. Some cities see daily acts of car theft, robbery, burglary, or rape on White and Asian Americans with seldom any breaks.

But it does not just come in violence, it also comes with Drug trafficking. Black Americans and their modern day thirst for quick and easy money has proppelled them to be a servant of the Mexican Cartels. The drug trade is subsequently bigger than ever and while plenty of Blacks do the drugs acquired from the trade, it’s mostly White suburban Americans that are affected. Our White children are reduced to heroin and cocaine addicts just waiting for the day they die.

We have also been subject to roving bands of Black delinquents who pillage and attack businesses with upwards of 20 individuals. This has become all too common. Likewise, these roving bands riot when a Black thug is killed by police no matter what the case of the killing was. They attack White folks, calling us racist devils, and spitting in our faces.

Take for instance Keith Scott, the man who was shot on September 20, 2016 in Charlotte N.C. Despite being killed by a Black officer, Black Lives Matter and their thugs rioted and tore up the city. They didn’t care who shot him, it was White people’s fault. Yes, cop brutality is real, but it has mostly been a reaction to the Black crime that runs rampant in our country. Keith Scott was shot when he exited his vehicle and was seen to supposedly have a handgun

Whatever the case of Keitch Scott and similar cases, the Blacks will take any excuse to blame Whites and to riot. They do not care about anything other than taking the chance to break into a local store and steal from its inventory. Hood culture is rooted in crime. This is the Black disease.

-By Southern Revivalism


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