For four long years President Abraham Lincoln made war against women,children, and the uniformed men of the South. He sent out his brutal generals Sherman, Sheridan, Butler, and many others to execute total war upon the defenseless women and children of Dixie after his generals failed him on the field. He even used Southern POWs as human shields when he used Confederate prisoners on Morris Island in Charleston Harbor out of spite of the South Carolinians who had dared to defy him in 1860. His army of locusts desecrated church edifices throughout the Confederacy, incarcerated preachers, and even killed chaplains who were only doing their duty as men of the robe and word.

Southerners in the states of Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, and what is now west Virginia were also subject to countless acts of suppression that were unconstitutional like martial law and the suspension of Habeus Corpus which mean that many Southerners had no trial and were sent straight to jail, especially in Baltimore. During the 1862 elections these states also had Union soldiers posted outside of voting booths to intimidate the voters into voting Republican when they really would have voted Democrat, effectively rigging the elections in favor of Republicans, especially in Maryland.

Lincoln also made medicine a contraband of war. Why did he make medicines contraband of war if he was such a compassionate humanitarian like we are told by our Anti-Southern text books?Surely he would not have done so if he was such a humanitarian. Not only did he wage war against the weak and defenseless but he warred against the souls of the South. How did he do this?

God’s word was made a contraband of war. Why were Bibles and Testaments declared contraband of war if he was not warring against the souls of men as Satan and his demons do? Lincoln was not one who believed that Christ was the only way of salvation, and he was not a member of any church. Consider how one of the Confederate soldier received their act considered this act, “I am a poor sinner and have no chance to be any other way, for I have no bible”. Yankees wanted us, the “Rebels”, to lose our souls,and our lives for daring to try to ruin their dream of a “United” Country.

The American Bible Society received strong support by Southern people before the war of Northern Aggression.

On May 9th, 1861 President Jefferson Davis issued his army with bibles right after Formation of the Confederacy. Then again few weeks later North Carolina and Tennessee seceded. The intentions were to provide Bible to Confederate soldiers and sailors at all costs. President of ABS Frederick Frelinghuysen asserted his address to the May 1861 meeting, “While there is much to alarm and afflict us in the political agitations of our country, one thing is our special comfort in the cause of the Bible Society: We are still one, bound together by the bands of Christian kindness, animated like hopes,earnest in like its purposes are cheered by the same sympathies.” Lincoln had his men burn down the churches throughout the Confederacy to have Southern Christians punished to the extreme. This was all part of the North’s plan to conquer the South though war on civilians instead of actual soldiers.

The North had no honor or principles of war. Keep in mind that these people were the same ones claiming a moral high ground to criticize the South about morality. Lincoln thus was no true friend of Dixieland. Lincoln died as an enemy to God and the South.

-By Virginia_Revivalist


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