When most average Americans see the head lines of Maxine Waters calling for mass harassment of the Trump cabinet members they are horrified. I see the conservatives are scared out of their wits that there might be a civil war in the near future. They are probably shaking in their boots at the mere thought of actually having to use violence (even in self defense). I have different thoughts entirely. To be sure I know that Maxine Waters is your typical black anti-white con-artist trying to trump up hate against whitey but I see the big picture. I see political polarization and the mass radicalization of the American public. Now conservatives and middle ground centrists have to realize that the left is ready to use violence. It’s no longer just us worrying them, now leaders of the left are outside advocating doxing ICE agents for merely doing their job. The left has gone completely insane and is now foaming at the mouth for blood over the “separation” of “ muh children”. This all places us Southern Nationalist/Pro-White advocates on very good ground.

Now the federal government itself is under attack by the very people who they sought to protect. Trump and his administration will be force to act. Will there be Trump Death Squads? No, but hopefully we will see a crackdown on these vermin which will further infuriate the left. Basically the general conservative is getting more fed up with this garbage (rightfully so) as the day goes by and isn’t seeing anyone come out with a counter offensive. Take Sarah Huckabee who was recently kicked out of a restaurant by the liberal cucks who owned it. Her public response was weak and timid and the usual “give your basic freedom to disagree respectfully” bunk. I’ll cut her some slack since she’s a woman and of course lacks testicular fortitude but this is really just your typical response from these establishment conservatives. Which leads me to my final thoughts.

We will be the only ones advocating to take the offensive on the left. While the conservatives GOP try to appease the enemy, we’ll be shouting for a showdown. Why not just embrace the idea of a Civil War? At this point what do we have to lose? Just think within a few years we’ll be under a one party Democrat controlled state. We better do our best to “trigger the lib” and provoke them into finally causing some real damage before Democrats take the government back. We would be in a safe place where the government would be forced to go after our enemies. Am I advocating we commit violence on Maxine Waters? No. Why ruin this brown clown when she is stirring the political pot up for us. We can’t possibly hope to win mass normie support unless the normie feels threatened. Miss Waters and her leftist thugs will do just that. We can basically wait and watch and get our game plan out while Waters and her pinko lunatics try to overthrow President Trump for just following standard procedure of incarceration. We basically will hold all the cards in our hand once the leftist go berserk on the government that has basically enabled them for decades. We’re about to see the snake eat it’s own tail and I’ll be glad to see the show.

-By Richard Ewell


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