Okay, it’s a few decades late but the idea still stands.

Newspeak is a concept that originated in George Orwell’s book “1984”. In 1984 the world has been forced into 3 ultra-totalitarian states. These 3 states encroach on their citizens lives so much that nothjng is private and indoctrination is taken to a new level as kids turn in their own parents. The story takes place in England under the control of Ingsoc(English Socialism) and under the watchful eye of Big Brother. Due to Ingsoc being so powerful, it’s unknown if the other 2 states even exist or if it’s all a carefully controlled and the rest of the world is nothing like Big Brother says.

I won’t spoil the book any further but what you should know is that every aspect of life is controlled, especially the language. This comes in the form of “Newspeak” a heavily dumbed down version of English that progressively becomes simpler and simpler

With a new version of the dictionary coming out routinely to achieve this goal, the language gets more and more simple as generations go on. Newspeak words include but are not limited to: goodthink, crimethink, bellyfeel, thinkpol, and doublethink.

The word above literally says “double plus ungood” which as you can infer, means extremely bad. How far this would go is up to your imagination.

Our society is admittedly nowhere near this extreme but certain aspects of our language are beginning to be harder and harder to properly express in a non-simplistic way without being referred to with the usual buzzwords and sometimes having methods of communication shut down. Orwell calls it Newspeak, we call it Political Correctness

Take the title for people of African descent in America. This has changed many times but eventually people settled on one word to define that particular group: Black. This term has in recent years been challenged leading to some leftists referring to Blacks as “African-American”, “People of Color” and whatever other mumbo jumbo they can come up with. These words are time consuming to use, they effectively have the same definition, and are constantly changing. The term “Negro” used to be used as well until it was decided that it was too offensive despite literally meaning black in Spanish.

There is fundementally no reason to be offended by the terms Negro or Black. Blacks may not prefer one but they should not be offended just because it’s a word used under Slavery and Jim Crow.

Another word that is now considered racist for no real reason is Oriental. Literally meaning something that derived in East Asia. Nevertheless the leftists will (at least in America) call you a flaming racist for usage of such a term.

For good measure, let’s cover one more.

What would you call these people? The only word I would think of is midget but that is not politically correct enough. What they would like you to call them could include: Dwarfs, little people, or people of short stature. Some have even said to stop labeling them by their physical characteristics, playing in to the leftist lie that everyone is the exact same kind of Human. To any sane person this would seem ridiculous, absurd, and stupid, and indeed it is all of those things. What we have today is a bunch of rebels that have made themselves sensitive and have set out to change the English language to give trouble to ordinary folks who have no time to concern themselves with such things

Certain words fall out of our usage naturally but when they fall out of use due to political motives and pressure, that can be a sign of Newspeak. Newspeak is real and there’s many more examples but I’m sure you can think of a few more for yourself. Don’t feel ashamed for using old words that don’t fit with the mainstream. Watch out for Newspeak and it’s gradual evolution but most importantly, DO NOT give in.

-By Southern Revivalism


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