It has come to my attention recently after hearing about a recent protest by the NAACP against Stone Mountain that there is an insidious plot in the works to strike down the legendary Mountain. While it has been evident for years now that the Southern Identity has been under attack I now think the enemy wants to go for the ultimate “prize”. Stone Mountain is that “prize”. The radical anti Southern hordes have been rambling for months now that Stone Mountain must come down and even their Democrat nominee for Governor, Stacey Abrams, now has gone on record calling for the Mountain’s removal.

Now I have heard that the NFL is planning their Super Bowl in Georgia in 2019 and the leftist plan to use this as a bargaining tool to bring an end to the Confederate themed Mountain. Many people would scoff and say this would never work. They underestimate what weak-knee cowards control the state and GOP. These scalawags have already shown their colors when Governor Nathan “Straddle Bug” Deal vetoed the Religious Freedom Bill due to corporate blackmail and threats to relocate. I can see the same thing playing out with the NFL Super Bowl (who helped bring down the Religious Freedom Bill). Yes, Governor Deal will be out of office next year , but look at who’s going to replace him. In the GOP runoff you have Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle or Secretary of State Brian Kemp left standing after May 22nd GOP Primary. Personally in that primary I backed Trump styled populist, Michael Williams, a man who promised to defend southern heritage from leftist riff raff but he lost and now I’ve come to support Kemp. To speak plainly I have little trust in either candidate, especially Cagle but there is a far greater threat to Stone Mountain.

That threat is the hideous cow of a woman, Stacey Abrams, the before stated Democrat nominee for Governor of Georgia. She has already dominated the Democratic primary against a fellow woman and now seeks to claim the Governorship come November. Abrams is the dream child of the quisling Democrats as Abrams is not only just a woman but is also Black and fat. This woman is one of your typical black con-artists who will once in office destroy everything she touches. This nauseating beast will have the Atlanta liberals and negrophiles behind her as well as her fellow Blacks. The media has already basically pre-crowned her the first black woman Governor. I’m not so sure but there is a chance she might claim victory if the media pulls a Roy Moore on Kemp or Cagle. We saw how fast the country club, blue blood urbanites jump boat when they abandoned Moore last year over the media lies. I wouldn’t put it past the Metro Atlanta Republicans to do the same and doom us to the horrible fate of Black rule in Georgia. I fully believe that if the bloated one is elected to governor of Georgia she will aim her arrow at pride monument of the Confederacy, Stone Mountain. She will probably be able to break the gutless servile neo-cons in the General Assembly using the threat from the NFL over pulling the Super Bowl. I wouldn’t put it past the media to whip up an Anti-Confederate frenzy over Stone Mountain and use this momentum to bring the scourge of Hollywood and leftist controlled corporations back to pounce on Georgia. Yes, this might seem far fetched now but we never suspected that Forrest’s body and statue would be removed in Memphis. It was done illegally right under the nose of the Republican-controlled state and they did little to punish the mini banana Republic called Memphis. We could see the same antics out in Georgia but on a much grander scale. The media will play this as the ultimate defeat of Southern Identity. Indeed it might just be considering that Stone Mountain is the biggest CSA monument ever created.

What can we do to stop this? Well, we better get organize and go out to vote when the time comes up. We can’t let Abrams take the Governorship of Georgia. This might very well be the end of any hope of Southern survival should this harpy win. It will a be major victory for the Cultural-Marxist. For one they’ll now have the first black woman governor ever in the United States, second it will have happened in the South. With this propaganda golden egg they might just be able to create another Anti-Confederate mania rivaling the one happening after the Church Shooting of 2015. We must block Abrams but also organize for the worse. I say we should fully utilize Stone Mountain while we have it. It is the physical symbolic symbol of Southern Identity and confederate heritage. It is the unmovable quartz tribute of the War for Southern Independence.

Rallies there have already proven successful on multiple occasions. Imagine a grand March up Stone Mountain, this time with Southern Nationalist banners and fully uniformed Southerners. The police have shown before that they’re willing to maintain law and order at Stone Mountain during the last few events there and Antifa will be much less of a problem due to anti-mask laws. Georgia is the perfect place for mass Southern Nationalist events. Already in Newman, Georgia there has been an event where the National Guard didn’t hesitate to rough up Antifa gutter trash who were trying to disrupt the activism of Nationalist Front. The antifa scumbags were even forced to remove their masks by law enforcement. Imagine a mass event at Stone Mountain using only Southern styled optics.

A rally at Stone Mountain would attract hundreds, perhaps even thousands, if done correctly. It could be the next Southern Revival needed to start the awakening of the Southern people.


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