1934 meeting at Warm Springs of  Southern Governors Association

In prior articles, I have gone over how that Truman’s Civil Rights Plank of 1948 was the first mainstream step (since Reconstruction) to break up Southern Identity…and reinstate a false egalitarian utopia in Dixie. The Democratic Party turned it’s back on the Southland in 1948, but the South was warned by men like Governor Eugene Talmadge and Senator Theodore “The Man” Bilbo. Both men warned that the destruction of the Southern people was ahead if they did not act fast.

Talmadge and Bilbo both foresaw destruction and decay, but the Southern mass failed to heed their warnings in time…or didn’t take their warnings seriously. Talmadge warned that the New Deal was the beginning of the mass enlargement of the Federal Government, one that would eventually be used against the South and its best interests.

“Look beneath the smoke and you will see a raging holocaust burning away at the very foundation of our Southern traditions and values.” – Governor Talmadge’s warning

Bilbo warned that the Black problem must be solved before the public minds were changed in favor by depraved negrophiles and toxic marxist propaganda. Bilbo saw the groundwork of a (pushed by a hostile press) mass movement in the 40s and even the 30s rising up in support of integration and false equality. He went on to to write “Take Your Choice: Separation Or Mongrelization“ a prophetic warning to the entire Nation and especially the South.

Yet, despite these warnings the (White) South failed to take the necessary measures to put down the rising tide of cultural Marxism. Today, we see the (rotten) ‘fruit’ of that wretched “tide”.

“If we sit with Negroes at our tables, if we attend social functions with them as our social equals, if we disregard segregation in all other relations, is it then possible that we maintain it fixedly in the marriage of the South’s Saxon sons and daughters? The answer must be “No.” By the absolute denial of social equality to the Negro, the barriers between the races are firm and strong. But if the middle wall of the social partition should be broken down, then the mingling of the tides of life would surely begin. It would be a slow process, but the result would be the same. And though the process be gradual, it would be none the less irresistible and inevitable. The lower strata of the white population would probably feel the first effects, and within the foreseeable future the middle and upper classes would be invaded. Then, the Southern White race, the Southern Caucasian, would be irretrievably doomed.” ~ Senator Bilbo , passage from his book

The fall of segregation is what ultimately destroyed the South’s control over it’s governments. It was a calculated attack made on the part of the East Coast Elite and others behind the curtain. Men like President Truman were only power hungry pawns and others just plain suckers drunken off Marxist inspired egalitarianism. The end of Jim Crow destroyed and crippled the Southern Identity and power structure. It created a dangerous alliance between scalawager liberals and blacks… one that has lasted to this day. With this alliance the mainstream political office seekers were forced to embrace the lefts various myths (think of how Wallace cravenly capitulated on race) if they were to be elected. It ruined White racial solidarity in the South thus ruining our ability to look out for our self interest as a group. Just think of how many people rebuke us because of the tired canard “muh black friend”. Integration ruined White people’s ability to put group self interest above some contrived, sappy “buddying” with blacks in their personal lives (Blacks on the other hand have no problem doing so). Racial treason has proven poisonous and destroys actual diversity by promoting mass mongrelization. The enemy wanted us cut from our proper, traditional way of life and roots. Thus making us easier to control and dominate as shallow rootless servants of consumerism. They knew their biggest enemy of their “March Through the Institutions” was the White south. We were the moral and religious backbone of the United States (our states comprise the “Bible Belt”). So, they had to weaken us and destroy our sense of solidarity as a people. Through a coalition of nefarious Jews, Yankees and communist agitators… they were able to do just that. They built their strength and forces up while Southern White men were off fighting a meaningless war in Europe and Asia for the central banking cartel and their judeo-Bolshevik allies. Take for instance, the original threat to “March on Washington” by black subversive Asa Philip Randolph , an ex member of the Socialist Party. Randolph threaten that if then President FDR did not pass the Fair Employment Act, that he and thousands of Blacks would march on the Capitol (thus unleashing racial tension and bloodshed that would destroy the war effort and crippled nation). In one of the first instances of the Federal Government caving to black pressure , FDR made Fair Employment Act law thus beginning the trend of kowtowing to the blacks. This would start the beginning of (Marxist spawned) affirmative action and unleash usurping federal agents upon the South. Many Southern leaders tried their best to stop this pathetic capitulation to the Washington elite and their wicked allies. During the 30s and early 40s, Southerners in Congress were able to block multiple attempts (by warped bleeding heart yankees) to interfere in the Southern way of life. FDR mostly avoided outright attacks on the South fearing that he would lose more than he would gain. There was also the rules in the Democratic nominee process that help Southerners keep the disturbed Negrophiles at bay. They still had men like Bilbo, Con.John E Rankin and Senator “Cotton Ed” Smith in Congress at this time. The powerful Southern Bloc had held back any attempt by limp wristed fools from empowering blacks since the 1890s. World War 2 and The New Deal changed that. New Deal Liberalism was a doubled edge sword to the Southland. It helped us in the short time fend off some of the effects the Depression (though not as much as commonly believed) and the War opened up many jobs and industry for Southerners. Unfortunately in both cases their was also a more damaging effect. The New Deal massively expanded the power of the Federal Government, and served as a detriment to states rights. As now, many southern states had fallen into the trap of taking so much federal “aide”. If they defied the Federal government , their programs would be cut and contracts cancelled. This is why upper South states like Tennessee acquiesced to many of the demands of the tyrannical, anti-Southern Federal Courts. The next problem was we joined the wrong side of World War Two (as allies of the communist Russians).

Yes, this may come as a shocker to many, but joining the Allies was a fatal mistake for the South and the White race as whole. After Pearl Harbor, I agree war with Japan was necessary. However, pre-Pearl Harbor the War could have been avoided. President FDR drastically escalated (and purposefully) the tensions between America and the Axis Powers. It was FDR who kept giving Britain weapons and supplies when the Germans beat them back to their Island. FDR kept the war going and aided the British despite saying the United States was neutral. He probably hope the Germans would sink a boat like they had done in 1917…which caused the US to enter the First World War. The German Fuhrer, Hitler, knew this trap and didn’t want America entering the war. Likewise, Prime Minster of Italy Benito Mussolini pleaded (multiple times) to the US people that he wanted no war with the American people. Watch the video yourself ( if you don’t believe this. Neither leaders wanted war with America or the South. The Japanese likewise only attacked because we put a damaging embargo on their oil which damaged their advance into Asia. The Jewish controlled press also like today pushed for war despite it being extremely unpopular, also just like today. The Axis was the Russia/Putin of their time . The South gained nothing from the War that couldn’t have been gained from crushing the liberal British, libertine French and filthy bloody Bolsheviks of Communist Russia. Many Southern leaders like Talmadge and Senator Huey Long knew isolation was the better policy. Even Non-Southerners like the visionary car producer Henry Ford and Charles Lindsburg were against war with the Axis Powers. FDR wanted War to ensure his reelection, and to gain himself more power that he drastically craved. FDR was notoriously power hungry and manipulative. He was no Southerner, but a Blue Blood New York ‘aristocrat’. He also had many banker and/or Jewish advisers and friends who would gain from War. These Machiavellian Bankers knew war is always good business and the Jews wanted us to fight their battle against the Third Reich for them.

Anti Southern War propaganda already portraying the South as the next enemy of “Progress” & “Democracy”.

So, the South had no reason to join the War until Yankees,and wealthy Jews and their controlled press pushed us into it through mass propaganda and provoking Imperial Japan. Some people will now respond “But we defended freedom” and that if “I don’t want to kill Nazis than I am one”. This is usually the misinformed hyper-cuckold, Neocon good ole boy response given to my thoughts on World War 2. Let me explain how the South was actually damaged from entering World War 2. The propaganda pushed out by the largely Jew controlled press against the Third Reich and Japan and the Italian Fascist is what was later used to demonized the South. It’s that simple. The media demonized “nationalism” and “racialism” during their smear campaign against the Axis. They also claimed it a “terrible sin” to dare use force against “minorities”. Till this day, every time the South tries to crack down on feral black thugs…we are compared to “Nazis” for merely wanting order in our cities. They draw the comparison that any use of force to maintain order (even against violent rioters and looters) is “fascist” and too much like “Nazis”. They stigmatized racial identity and put civic nationalism the standard bearer of nations. On top of this, Blacks now felt entitled to equal rights and eventually handouts and reparations for their duty during War World 2. This is why Bilbo didn’t even want them in the army in the first place. To be honest,

perhaps if the war was actually to save (1940s) America they might have deserved some of them equal rights but it wasn’t. The South’s Freedom was not defended by beating up on Nazis or bombing Japs into the next World. What American freedoms did Hitler or Mussolini seek to take away from Southerners? Ask yourself this seriously. You might say Japan attacked us…but they were provoked by FDR. Had he minded his own, business that infamous day would have not have happened. Japan feared America as a threat and only attacked as a last ditch “Hail Mary” so they could eat up Asia. Why should us Southerners care about that? If the shoe was on the other foot, would Chinese peasants come save us from the Japs if they had nothing to gain? For that matter, would Jews save us if the Germans (or anyone else) tried to put us in “death camps”? The answer is a resounding NO! The British and French certainly didn’t aide us against the pillaging armies of Sherman and Grant.I’d even argue that France and Britain deserve to be under German control. Both countries were ate up by lefties and bleeding heart humanitarian riff raff and (as a result) now even calling out foreign rape gangs gets you jail time in the UK. France and the UK has fallen to complete degeneracy and heathenism since the end of the Second World War and likewise anyone who has tried to stop it is called a “Nazi” and or a “Bigoted Racist”. No constitutional freedom was saved, and yet American blood was wasted. The men who fought for our country (both Northern & Southern) were indeed brave men, most are no doubt braver than the average man today. However, no American Freedom was “defended” in that war.

The last thing I’ll mention is the Soviet Communist in Russia. America saved them from Nationalist destruction. It’s true. Had we never aided Britain , the two front war would have never collapsed the Western Flank of the German Armies )and Hitler would have proceeded to be able to use all his muscle to finish off the Communist in Russia). When we destroyed the Axis we unleashed the Communist menace on all of Asia and Eastern Europe. This later costed us even more American lives. So, had we minded our business the…Red Menace would have been taken out by the Pan European Anti Communist forces of Germany. This would have also alleviated much of the Marxist garbage that came to America to help the agitators in the 60s.

The South’s problems that came in the 60s and the end of Segregation stemmed from the New Deal and the 2nd World War’s effects. The rise of rampant degeneracy and moral decay can all be tied back to this time period. These were the seeds planted that eventually sprouted up in the late50s and matured in the 60s and now still decays in utter filth today.


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