Note to reader: this article is about a character and political thinking of Talmadge , if you want a look at his life please check out my series of articles on “ The Wild Man From Sugar Creek” at Identity Dixie

Over the last year or so I have been mass posting on Governor Eugene Talmadge of Georgia. I get many people asking me why do I “obsess over some dead guy”. Well it’s not obsession but admiration. I appreciate what the man stood for and believed and how he fought the rising tide of radical egalitarianism in his two decade long career as a Georgia statesmen. The character and beliefs of “Gene” Talmadge are very inspirational and can prove to be helpful in own mission to independence in Georgia and the South.

Talmadge’s political beliefs mostly came from his up bringing in Rural Georgia as a boy. He was heavily influenced by the speeches of the great Senator Tom Watson who Talmadge would witness speaking when he was younger. Watson’s style and way of thinking probably heavily molded Talmadge’s thoughts on life. Most people would take this info as trivial but a boys hero usually inspires what sort of man he will turn out to be. This is why the media tries to make sure the boys of today’s heroes are black thug gangsta rappers . The enemy knows perfectly well that young boys and teens will try to emulate who ever they find as a hero, thus the media give them some sleazy riff raff rapper. The enemy knows that if the youth are busy trying to emulate black thugs that they will never be a threat to their insidious plans. Thus we can assume Talmadge emulated Watson. Young Talmadge’s character was already forming at this point and would prove similar throughout his life. Talmadge would note that “The nigger boys I grew up around used to call me ‘mean Lugene’ ‘ cause I was so damn mean” (Anderson 8). Talmadge was well known to be mean even he said as much being quoted as saying “I am just as mean as hell” to a reporter. Talmadgeism is thus a very masculine and aggressive political way of thinking. In today’s milquetoast politically correct society that’s exactly the sort of sentiment we need. This is why the SJW fears so called “toxic” masculinity. The bold leadership style of Talmadge could easily crush their plans to rid society of “cis white males”. Modern day liberalism rarely fared well against a “mean” and aggressive strongman (take Trumps Presidential victory as example). This is why the media establishment must demonize these qualities as evil and toxic.

As stated before, Talmadge and thus Talmadgeism is deeply rooted in the rural way of life. Talmadge went on to try to stop and discourage the migration of young Georgians to the cities to the North in the Roaring 20s. He realized how corrupting and destructive city living can be. Talmadgeism is also a Blood and Soil ideology. Talmadge was raised doing labor in the hot fields of South Georgia as a young man and boy, thus he grew an appreciation for the agricultural way of life in the Deep South. This is another reason he despised the soulless cosmopolitan urbanites of the 1920s who he threatened to “piss on” over the balcony of the Governor’s mansion. Talmadgeism is thus an ideology that heavily embraces Southern values and could be described as a form of Southern Nationalism. Talmadge’s ideal beliefs on culture and society is that it should be formed around tradition (of the South) and agrarianism. Talmadge best described it himself saying “I am a native Georgian and my ancestors on all sides of my family have been in Georgia for 150 years. I am steeped in southern tradition and background. Neither I nor my people have ever strayed from the pasture of southern tradition. We have not even leaned against a fence.” This could be called Georgia Nationalism. The idea that Georgia and thus the south have a distinct Identity that instead of being ashamed of we should actually embrace. Adherence to traditions and ones family is basically a corner stone of Talmadgeism.

Racial views

Talmadgeism is a rejection of radical racial egalitarianism spread by the left. Talmadgeism embraces the Southern way of thinking on the “Negro Question”. That is that their are basic differences between the races that make them distinct. Talmadgeism rejects any idea of amalgamation of the races. This is another cornerstone of Talmadge’s views that should not be ignored or criticized. One should ask themselves if Talmadge was wrong on equality? Has Talmadge’s warnings come true? Well to find your answer I suggest taking a visit to Atlanta or any majority Non-White area. You’ll find an answer pretty fast if you have any sense in you. Talmadge, while alive did everything possible to stop the plans of the liberals wanting to tear down the color-line. He would stop at nothing to stop mixing and racial decadence. This is all clear when he opposed leftist pro mixing college professors in the famous “Cocking Affair” of 1941. Talmadge was a great adversary of cultural marxist academia. He tried his best to stop it from taking root in the 40s. Imagine his rage at modern day colleges which are nothing short of Marxist youth indoctrination centers. I have no doubt that Ole Gene would storm the campus of every university in Georgia ,with axe handle in hand and the State Guard marching behind him, to put a end to the utter moral debauchery taking place on college grounds. That’s the sort of man we need leading our state and nation. Which brings us to the next cornerstone of Talmadgeism , leadership.

Talmadge’s style of leading

The Talmadgeist style of leading is heavily based on masculinity and defying the leftist media. Talmadge didn’t fear using his full authority to get his way. He was well known for using state troopers to strike fear in the hearts of Georgia’s enemies. He put the city of Atlanta under martial law multiple times as Governor to show he didn’t play games and to frighten the pompous urbanites of the city. Talmadge’s way of leadership is very hard nose and energetic. He is the very opposite of modern day Neo-cons sorts like “Low Energy” Jeb or Governor Nathan “Straddle Bug” Deal. Talmadge was high energy even at the end of his career and in poor health. He was so high energy in fact, that it was probably the cause of his death in 1946.

Georgia first

Talmadge’s foreign policy was always isolationism. He wasn’t some Neo-Con who was hell bent on policing the world for “Muh Democracy”. He was one to respect fellow strong leaders of his time like the German Chancellor Adolf Hitler or Prime Minster Benito Mussolini of Italy. He even managed a good relationship with imperial Japan before Pearl Harbor in 1941. He was also a cultural isolationist who wanted nothing to do with the Yankee or Jewish cosmopolitanism. Talmadge was known to call Yankees “foreigners” (and he wasn’t wrong). Just because Talmadge was a isolationist did not mean he tried to have bad relationships with neighbors. Talmadge would also go out of his way to try to team up with Senator Huey Long of Louisiana and others like Rev Garold RK Smith and even met Henry Ford. Basically Talmadge’s Georgia minded its own business instead of trying to spread and enforce it’s ideas on outsiders.

Talmadgeism is something that Georgians and Southerners should remember and emulate. We need strong leadership and so called “toxic” masculinity”. We need to reinstate the now crumbled color line that was bashed down by radical godless degenerates. We need to be bold and mean when dealing with the enemies of Georgia and Dixieland. We need to be loving towards our own people and families yet still hold their respect and loyalty. The liberals haven’t forgot Eugene Talmadge as they now seek to strip his name from a bridge and even compared him to Trump in 2016. We can see now without a matter of doubt that his warnings should have been heeded. We now live in Clown World and Talmadgeism is the cure we need to shock society back to its senses.

-By Richard Ewell


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