Today when talking about new social trends, sexual degeneracy, and mental illnesses, it is common to be found meeting a wall of brainwashed zombies who rail against you for being intolerant of this lunacy. They will slander and harass you, often with little to no founding other than that that is how they are programmed to react. But these zombies and their buzzwords are not the issue, as they are easily dismissable. The real issue is what they push for. The slow mission-creep the Left has set out for our nation.

Since the 60’s and 70’s we have seen a new rise of sexual degeneracy take hold in our nation. At first it was just the declassification of homosexuality as a mental disorder. Then came the build-up of the pride movement and the drive for Same-sex marriage. Now the push is for the declassification of Gender Dysphoria (transgenderism) as a mental disorder as well as the forced accomodation of gays in Christian stores, though that has thankfully been halted. The Left will never stop until all things sexual are permitted, meaning that pedophilia will surely get it’s own movement as we are seeing now.

This has to stop somewhere. At some point we must put our foot down and stop the tidal wave from destroying more metaphorical buildings. Failing to stop the promiscuity and sexual degeneracy only spreads it to other people. It is poisoning the youth. Boys and girls with “progressive” parents or no parents are brainwashed into thinking this is okay and join in. This movement has thankfully begun to take place in Christian rightwing circles but I’m afraid it’s not enough and is rarely, if ever, more than the grumbling of a few annoyed conservatives. We have opened the flood gates and now we must work our way back to close them, and to drain the water they let through.

One of the most useful tools for keeping a nation morally secure is shaming individuals for immoral, degenerate, wicked, or taboo behaviors. Society used to shame all wicked behavior, not just homosexuality. If a woman slept around with dozens of men she was labelled a slut and whore and made an outcast by the majority of people. Adulterers and fornicators got the same treatment but now it’s increasingly hard to shun these people and often it is you who is made an outcast for not being tolerant enough.

But tolerance is not a Christian virtue. God is not a tolerant god and we can not afford to be a tolerant people. With tolerance comes the slow mission-creep as mentioned before. Tolerance of wicked acts only brings more wicked acts. We should not make appeals to emotion like “Love is love”. We must stand for what is right and stamp out wickedness from our homes.

Any sane man finds an innate disgust at children (often boys) prancing around in drag queen costumes as they chant about how proud they are to be a flamboyant 7-year-old. There is no glory in protecting such filth. We must work on ourselves first however. When we find that we have gay sympathisers, family members, or colleagues, we must not tolerate their behavior just because they are associated with us. We should not flaunt them around as if they are trophies to be hung on the wall.

Furthermore, when we are slandered as transphobic, intolerant, or homophobic, embrace those titles because you should be those things, do not submit to the Leftist guilt-tripping. When Leftists protect homosexuality and transgenderism, protest it with every bone in your body. We must stand and push back against these things in order to preserve or bring about a moral, just, and righteous society, else we open Pandora’s box wider.

-By Southern Revivalist


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