For the past few weeks we’ve been hearing a constant onslaught of reports about migrant “children” being “separated” from their families and how horrible we should feel sorry for the children. You know what I mean, my own newsfeed is constantly being filled with some sob story about some “poor migrant child” and how we should feel ashamed for not opening our border to the entire Third World. The story we haven’t heard is what this all means to the Southern people.

As Southerners we’ve seen our communities taken over by Non-Whites for years. In the last few decades we’ve seen more and more signs changed to Spanish and more little brown kids kicking around their soccer balls. We’ve sat almost helpless to stop the massive invasion from South America as the people on top welcome them in to replace us. The whole US immigration policy has been formed by a coalition of weak-knee Democrats and Neo-Cons. These people are at best incompetent fools and at worse treasonous subversives, the second being more likely. The South was behind Trump in 2016 for the exact purpose of stemming immigration from South America. It was us who won Trump his victories during the GOP primaries. We eliminated the timid Marco Rubio and the milquetoast Jeb Bush. Now Trump won’t even follow standard procedure when arresting illegal “families” due to contrived media outrage. When I say “media outrage” I do mean media outrage as the media and their leftist brain dead followers whom are only “outraged” because they are told they should be. Trump went as far to sign an executive order to put the “families” together. Let’s just think about this for a second. Foul mouth lowly browns are getting better treatment than Trumps supporters and Southern/White nationalist. Why hasn’t Trump made an executive order reuniting Jacob Goodwin with his family? Goodwin is an American citizen (and a Southerner) who is only in the Charlottesville gulag for defending a man while those invaders are in custody for trying to sneak across our borders. Trump is going out of his way to protect illegals from alleged “emotional harm” while his supporters are actively physically assaulted in the streets by Antifa whether in Charlottesville, Portland, Berkley or even the streets of D.C on Inauguration Day (those guys just got to walk free by the way, thanks to federal courts). To make this all worse Trump is probably the best of these elected office holders. Many of the weak willed ninnies GOP would rather just give amnesty to the invaders instead of dealing with pressure from the media despite the fact it would infuriate their supporters.

This all brings me back to the South. We are the ones being shafted in this whole migrant problem. If it was up to us these hordes of hostile browns trying to retake land we fought for and won in the Mexican American war would get the same treatment their dirtball ancestors got. We are being held back by a forced union with Yankees and West Coast pansies. My point is we should push for secession. We can’t solve the illegal immigration without secession. Trump won’t be able to stop them unless he goes full fascist but he’s too busy with whatever drama he’s currently in. Trump won’t save us. At best he’s only getting us time that we should be using to recruit people and strengthen our communities. Let’s say he is stopping illegal immigration and will deport the illegals but he can’t remain president forever. It’s only a matter of time before Democrats slither their way back into power and when they do they will flood the country with hostile browns. We can’t wait for this. We better organize and push (trigger) the left into losing it even more than they already have. Hopefully then the government will crackdown on these scumbags which will only cause them to lose it further as they’ll see it as a Hitler-like purge (instead of enforcing the law against violent communist). The South must reject Unionism and make its own way. Our state governments should be mass deporting the illegals instead of waiting for the incompetent federal bureaucracy to deal with them. The South has the resources necessary but like always is stopped by federal mandates. Our leaders should just ignore these mandates like California ignores Trump’s mandates. The Feds have shown they no longer have the fortitude to enforce the rulings on state governments. Sure they might threaten economic repercussions but so what? If our state governments grew a set and actually did what was necessary than the Feds would back off. Our current federal government is unsalvageable , we must push forward and raise the banner of Southern Independence. Only then will we be able to successfully secure our borders and thus our future

-By Richard Ewell


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