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Too often do we hear people insist thaf White Americans have no culture. Of all people, we Southerners know this is pure ignorance. But, even some of our own are sucked into this leftist propaganda, seemingly forgetting all the things that make them Southern and distinct from the rest of the country. In this article I will highlight the four cornerstones of Southern culture and how almost all of us encounter them in our everyday lives.


Of all the key aspects of Southern culture, Christianity is absolutely the singlemost foundational belief of the Southern Man. Without it, the South would be unrecognizable. There is a saying that Yankees use to describe religion in the South, that is that churches in the South are like Starbucks in New York. They’re on every corner. Indeed, church attendance is the highest in the South with Mississippi having almost half of the population going to church weekly. According to Pew Research, 12 of the most religous states are Southern (if you consider West Virginia Southern). It’s no surprise that the lowest 5 states are all from New England. The fact that Christianity is a foundation, if not the foundation of our way of life is not unknown to our enemies. That’s why we have been attacked in the past decades for our belief system and why the left has seeked to feminize Christianity into nothing more than a weak-willed and spineless religion, something it absolutely is not.


Farms and rural living have always been part of the Southern way of life from the time the South was founded at Jamestown. Visiting a small Southern town is the best and perhaps only true way to really get an idea of what Southern Culture is. The Southern urbanites scarcely know little more about the culture than the speech and food, which are both respectable aspects by themselves but are only a glimpse into the thoughts and mind of a Southerner. That’s not to mention that most cities are overrun with Yankees and Latinos, who themselves hardly know about our culture at all, usually summarizing a Southern man as nothing more than a sunburned, flannel wearing, tabacco chewing, redneck with a worn out old truck for his vehicle. Our culture is so much more than that and many of us wouldn’t fit that description at all. That view is nothing more than an insult that hollywood and Yankees created to discredit us. The Agrarianism in our society has led to many other happy consequences such as the environmentalism we adhere to, wishing to preserve God’s creation with nature rather than concrete jungles. Sure, we allow for industry, but any true Southern man loves seeing the beautiful landscape that we call home in its natural state. This is why we work so hard to respect our environment and to live in it, whether it be camping, hiking, kayaking, or any other outdoor activity that Yankees typically don’t do. And when the Latinos do them, they always make sure to leave the place a mess with horrible amounts of litter in their wake. The agrarian South has sparked in us an innate respect for nature and simple living. That is why agrarianism is one of the cornerstones of Southern culture.


Throughout the years, the South has always roughly maintained a sense of loyalty. Of everyone in the Union, we still are the ones with the most loyalty to our respective states, with many of us pledging to live and die in the South or even in our home state, for better or for worse. Before and during the War of Secession, this loyalty came in the form of a loyalty to our states, seeing them as our country. Later, it became loyalty to the South as a whole and in recent decades, has morphed into the new-found American patriots that litter the South who proudly wave the Confederate and American flags together as if they somehow don’t represent split loyalties. This loyalty is a blessing and curse on the South as it is what draws us to Southern Nationalism but also leads us into Unionism despite the fact that most of the Union hates us and wishes to replace and “fix” us. As Southern Nationalists we must learn how to harness this loyalty and draw people to our cause for a united Southern people. The South is our nation, not America and we should act in the interests of the South, not just America.


Due in no small part to our Christian ideals, the staunch adherence to family tradition in the South has long been an enduring factor in everyday life. Southerners do not just know their nuclear family, we know hundreds of cousins that can be as far away as 5th cousins, perhaps further. This tradition of knowing one’s kin stems from several places, notably from the Southern aristocracy’s tradition of doing this, to the Bible’s family traditions. As Southerners we take the time to research and get to know our family whether they be cousins or ancestors. This aspect of Southern culture is just one reason why we are so attached to our Confederate monuments, because many of them represent our family. If the issue with the monuments were taken to Britain or Yankeeland, you would no doubt see much less resistance to the idea of removing them. Sadly, the family tradition of the South is being hit harder than the rest of the country since we have the most to lose. Divorce, out-of-wedlock births, and adultery run rampant in the modern day South, increasing at an exponential rate. We are being dragged down with the rest of America and losing our tradition.

These are just the large aspects of Southern culture that I believe have led to other smaller aspects developing. There are smaller aspects that will be discussed and are equally important in our fight to maintain our traditions such as our speech and music, both of which remind us that we are indeed Southern, but these will have to be discussed in later articles

-By Southern Revivalist


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