This article will go into the sort of things that we I would have in mind for a Southern/Georgia political platform. This is more or less to kinda of give an idea and brainstorm ideas for the scenario if one of our guys ran for public office in the future. This isn’t official or a platform of any particular group just my personal opinions and ideas for a good platform in my home state of Georgia. This could also be used as blue print for any of our guys already in public office. So please keep that in mind.

~ Hang Georgia State flags in all public schools (in-classrooms) and make students & staff take pledge to Georgia flag • Goal is to harbor sense of State pride and identity.

~ Religious Freedom Bill • Goal is to protect businesses from being harassed from people who are aggressive and violate their religious beliefs Basically, It reinforces the right to serve.

~ Tax cut for white married couples who have kids . Basically state incentives for getting white birth rate up • Goal and reason is simple because necessary ,if Georgia is to survive, that we increase the white birth rate.

~ Make the bull dog the official state dog • Goal is to win sports fans (UGA fans) with a token gesture and to begin process of retaking higher education from cultural Marxist. It is also to give Georgia as sense of collective identity.

~ Have new Pro-Southern curriculum to be taught in public schools and state funded colleges. Produce new text books and special classes for teaching Georgia/Southern history • Goal is to harbor sense of Southern Identity

~ New uniforms for State Guard • Process to increase pride and honor among the stAte guard and gain new younger recruits

~ Have Middle and High school military training for boys . Use (mostly unemployed) veterans and police for training • Goal is to employ vets while letting them train and share experiences with Georgia Youth

~ Motherhood classes for girls in public schools to prepare girls for motherhood and proper courtship (dating)• Goal is to crush the degenerate hook up culture thus

Follow traditions and Biblical teachings on courting

~ Arrest all mayors and city council members of sanctuary cities since they are harboring criminals thus are in violation of the law • Goal is to restore order in the cities and flush out illegals who are stealing jobs and committing crimes and replacing native Georgians

~ Formation of State Line Unit (state line will consist of Youth units led by ex military vets age 40+ • This unit will take orders directly from Governor and act as last line of defense in civil unrest . Basically Reserves

~ Increase police pay • Show appreciation to police

~ More military parades • encourage the public’s interest in the military

~ Formation of Georgia Scouts to replace bastardized PC boy-scouts . Scouts will get public funds but should be free to get into as result . School will co host it . • Goal is to give Young boys and teens something productive to do

~ New statues (example being statues of Governor Lester Maddox and Senator Robert Toombs ) and protection to Csa named roads . Vandals of Confederates themed statues and monuments get minimum 5 years In prison if found guilty. Cities that try to remove statues will be put under marshal law • Goal is that law would protect the state’s fine Southern heritage that has been under a constant attack by the leftist media outlets and cowardly anti Southern thugs. Show respect to our confederate ancestors who fought for us

~ Legalized dueling (judge must be present ) • Goal would be to quickly settle personal disputes instead of having frivolous lawsuits get thrown back and forth. This would also make people more respectful to one another as they know what they say must be backed up. This will shut up the “shit talkers” who cause divisions in communities but our the first ones running to the authorities when things go awry

~ Funding for art work of state officials (mostly including dead statesmen and war heroes of Georgia).  • Goal is to foster an appreciation for the state’s history and former leaders furthering a sense of a Georgia\Southern Identity.

~ Death penalty for opioid sellers and penalize opioid producers • Goal is to stop the terrible opioid crisis which harming so many of our people especially the youth

~ “Hate crimes” taken off the books and decriminalized and treated as regular criminal offenses. • Goal is to put an end to non white /(anti-white) bias in the court system.

~ Opening a of new GMI (Georgia Military Institute) in Milledgeville or Marietta. The only students allowed in would be males from ages 16 to 24 and they must be citizens of Georgia. The selection to get into GMI would be high performance from the youth programs or large families who would have the ability to send one of their sons their for free. • Goal is to be able to have enough loyal native Georgia officers for the future if the state ever needs defense.

~ Deporting illegals workers in crop production and replace with prison workforce if necessary and even youth groups • Goal is to make more room for expanding Georgia families by clearing away invasive illegal rift raff. By using prison workforce you have free labor or if we decide on using the youth you’ll will instating good work values on them.

-By Richard Ewell


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