In 1672, John Dryden introduced the concept of the Noble Savage in his play titled: “The Conquest Of Granada”. The idea referred to Wild Man or Natural Man. Later, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury expanded on the idea, saying that Humans are inherently good but are corrupted by civilization and institutions.

-John Dryden

Of course, cultural marxists and white guilt advocates would take this concept even further, painting Native American and Sub-Saharran Bantus as peaceful hippies. Nothing could be further from the truth as both engaged in horrific practices.

The truth is that tribal and “primitive” groups are almost always just as violent as “civilized” groups, often exceeding the “civilized” groups.

Let’s take one of the best examples of genocide, the Bantu migration.

The Bantus are the dominant cultural/racial group in Africa and they are quite big, consisting of over 400 million people if not more. They are who the vast majority if Black Americans draw their heritage from.

When the Bantus migrated they did away with the native peoples they encountered very efficiently. Almost 90% of the native peoples DNA was wiped out. The Pre-Bantu Sub-Saharan natives looked something like the Khoisan, an ethnic group in Namibia and South Africa. Racial hatred by the Bantus is common for Khoisan people, often being compared to apes and also being equated to primitive backwoods people.

A Khoisan man

As stated in my article “The Myth of the Peaceful Native American”, Native Americans were ruthless as well, constantly massacring surrounding people and engaging in human sacrifice.

Native Europeans were the same. Take the Celts for example, who practiced human sacrifice or the Huns and migratory tribes that pillaged and slaughtered their way through Europe on the quest for new homelands. Taking this into account, it’s easy

From a Christian perspective, humans are sinful by nature and so, it is only through civilization that we do these things, not because of it. That is why the Canaanites were dislodged from Canaan and perhaps too, why the Native Americans were dislodged by Europeans, but that is a topic for another day.

-By Southern Revivalist


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