One of the bigger missed opportunities I’ve seen missed by right wingers is youth recruitment. Especially the youth still in high school. We need to mobilize these teens to our side and way from godless nihilism. This message can be applicable to men in our movement with younger siblings or who are fathers . Raise your brothers and sons to be fighters of the Southern cause. Don’t let them be taken by the enemy. You need to constantly repeat to them what is right and what is wrong. You shouldn’t necessarily push too hard or seem like you’re scolding them because that might drive them off. You must let them understand that perhaps you too once fell for lies of the enemy as a boy and there’s hope for redemption. You also never be milquetoast when talking about the enemy but aggressive when discussing them , you must get your young kinsmen to both learn to HATE and LOVE.

Teach our youth to love their people and heritage and ancestors. You must also properly teach them that to love you must also hate. They must hate those who seek to destroy their people , heritage and ancestors memory. Without hate love is just another mindless slogan. That’s why you can have gays and feminists letting in hordes of anti gay and fundamentalist Muslims. To us this seems insane that some homo would advocate letting in some Muslim who would seek to throw the fruitcake off of a building. Once you understand they have a twisted sense of love and hate (only for Christians) it all starts to make sense . Liberals “love” (want to virtue signal) blinds them. So you must make sure your Youth know that there is such a thing as righteous hate and anger. If you think I’m wrong on hating the enemy just remember the enemy is the one insistent on NOT hating and “getting rid of hate” (as if you could rid a society of a natural emotion).

Practical Youth Action

The Southern youth once on our side are a valuable asset in our struggle. They give the movement energy and a set future. They can help by providing that we don’t get maligned as just a bunch of old men crying against the inevitable wave of “ change and progress”. Teens provide us a base that usually have less responsibilities than full grown adults and especially family men who must have to worry about feeding their families. Teens have that spare time that can be dedicated to spreading the word and recruiting without worrying about job loss. Think about it. Some teen might have some fast food job but even if they did get fired so what? They can easily get another one and they usually don’t have people relying on them. Teens of course are limited in some areas especially before they can drive but once they can drive they basically have the will to roam the countryside recruiting. Merely driving around with your Rebel flags on the back of your trucks can give hope to the older southerner people who think the youth are just a bunch of mindless self hating degenerates. Hope and morality are just as necessary as anything else. Without hope our people no longer to a reason to continue. We must not be tunnel visioned in thinking that we only have one avenue or way to fight back. Our enemy realizes and has taken advantage of every avenue possible in crushing us , most of which don’t even involve on the ground violence.

If one doubts what I say about the power of the youth one should look to the efforts the enemy has taken to corrupt them. The enemy constantly pumps propaganda at the youth. They never miss the opportunity to show them how wonderful it is to fight for social justice and pursue sinful pleasure over tradition. The enemy has invested in clothing companies, music and most of all, advertising. Why invest so heavily in corrupting the youth if they are not important? The answer is simple , youth today become our adults tomorrow . They are the next generation and the enemy is playing for the end game. If we don’t keep up with them we will be stabbed in the back by our own sons and daughters and siblings. We will be besieged by our own families. That is ultimately the enemies greatest victory and our ultimate defeat.

-By Richard Ewell


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