As a Southern Nationalist, I am no fan of the GOP. No, I am not some Trump bashing foaming at the mouth liberal. The party for multiple reasons has failed the South and America as a whole. So some “Blue Dog Democrats” who know my disgust with the Republicans will ask me “why don’t you support the Democrat Party instead ?” I then must respond with my long list of grievances with the Democrat Party as well. The Democrat Party for a long time had a major role in the South especially after the War of Northern Aggression. This is the period when I would have supported the Democratic Party.

Back then at least in the South it was the Party of states rights and true freedom. I know this might surprise many normie Republicans as their slogan is “ The Democrats are the real Racist “. This in some way was true back then . They were “racist”, AKA racial realist but in some respects the same could be said for some of the Republicans but they were better at hiding it. The GOP even during its founding has always been a plague on Dixie. The Party was founded on the false idea of egalitarianism and abolition. It was a sectional party that was complex. You had some middle of the road men like Lincoln who just didn’t agree with slavery and others like Thaddeus Stevens who was a total negrophile (even allegedly having a Black mistress). The other problem was it’s complete servitude to powerful corporations (during the 1800s it was railroads). Then you have their complete Yankee founding for the Yankee interest that was purely sectional. These three things including Lincoln’s war of Northern Aggression led the South to have nothing to do with “Lincoln’s Party” for decades to come.
So why have I and many in the Dixieland deserted our original party? Well it really was more complicated than history teachers make it out to be. You see the Democratic Party always was a big tent party. This should be obvious when you had men like Lester Maddox and Eugene Talmadge In the same party with Hubert Humphrey and JFK. The Democratic Party had two wings, one was Southern and the other was in the North East (think New York and JFK). The situation is very similar to the modern dilemma between the Trump backing populist and the Neo-cons in the GOP. On top of this you had the Black problem which was the real thing the separated men in the Democratic Party. Once the Black was added into the electoral process both parties flirted with courting the black vote. The Democratic Party though was mainly kept in line from pandering to Blacks by powerful Southerners in Congress (Example being men like James Vardaman of MISS and Richard Russell of GA)until Harry Truman.

You see, Truman was an ambitious and power hungry man yet Southern bred. He of course was elevated into office after the Death of Democratic President FDR in 1945. Truman decided he needed the black vote in the 1948 election. Many worried that if Truman tried to pander to the Black vote the south would split . Truman made a gamble that would disenfranchise the South from both parties for years to come. At the Democratic Convention (1948) he decided to add a Civil Rights Platform. The platform designed to win the Black vote in the north while tipping the balance of power from the South and into the hands of incompetent blacks.

During the Convention the arch liberal Hubert Humphrey took to the floor giving one of the most Pro-Black speeches ever spoken in such a meeting up to that time . Humphrey would say in his speech “get out of the shadow of states’ rights and walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights.” Thus cutting the party from it’s ties to states rights and into the egalitarian rubbish harbored by his Republican Yankee brethren. Many men of the South were infuriated at this blatant threat on states rights and the south’s existence. The first to leave the floor was the entire Mississippi Delegation led by gallant Governor Fielding Wright. Then went the Alabamians lead by one of the greatest Policemen ever , Eugene “Bull” Connor , who would play a major role in years to come in the egalitarianism war.

Thus became the the end of the Solid South and the immediate need for Secession. You see, once Truman realized his gamble paid off, he and future Oval Office seekers realized the South would follow with blind loyalty to the Democratic Party. As years passed, each president decided to betray the South. Eisenhower sent troopers to enforce race mixing on the City of Little Rock, JFK sent troops to Ole Miss and Alabama and finally LBJ signed his unconstitutional Civil Rights Bill. Now the whole party has been taken over by Pro-Blacks and worse. It has become the party of Non-Whites while the GOP (at least it’s money men and leaders) sits jealously and wanting to become the same. You see, the GOP was outcucked by the Democratic Party with LBJ’s Civil Rights rubbish in the 60’s . Now they seek to retake the black vote and seriously think that it is possible. This is why you still see them pandering to Non-Whites despite getting little to none of their support. This is why the real choice was always Secession! If we use parties to our advantage it should be that we USE them and not the other way around. Your loyalty should be to the South not to the Party. If they betray your interests you give them hell. We can use parties to our advantage but it must always to be to gain independence for our people. Taking over either party is insane and will never work. Instead we should insist on using them when it benefits us and throwing them away like garbage when they don’t. Your Party is the Southern People, always remember that!

-By Richard Ewell


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