On June 15, 2018, the mainstream media exploded with reports about children being separated at the border, which is happening because of Trump’s zero immigration policy which effectively jails border crossers and sends their children to holding facilities while their claims are processed. The media, of course, had an absolute fit over the issue, calling it all the usual nonsense as well as even comparing it to Nazi style concentration camps. But these holding facilities do not boast armed guards that go around beating random people, and they are fed quite well. But nevertheless, the media still released their slanderous reports on just how racist and bigoted Trump is.

Leftist Propaganda to make us feel bad

The reality of the situation is that children being separated from their parents is part and parcel of being an illegal immigrant and breaking another countries laws. How can we expect to have a border where millions come through if we are not even allowed to temporarily separate the families to better control the situation? That’s the thing, the left doesn’t want a border at all.

The real picture

The issue or “scandal” as some call it, is nothing but an appeal to emotion. It’s designed to make you sympathetic for the border-crossers in order to make you relax your stance on these issues, as well as to make you feel a hint of guilt. The truth is that children being separated for about a month is not at all immoral. They’re getting access to the vast wealth and opportunities America has to offer, not to mention safety while crossing the border, which we’ll get into shortly. These families can deal with this, it will not psychologically wreck them, they are not fragile. They just came from countries where murders happen on every corner every day, this is nothing.

But many of these “families” are really not families at all, they are people smugglers that boast children that were torn from their parents ages ago. These children will likely end up in the hands of Coyotes who commit all kinds of atrocities on them. We have the chance to separate and essentially free these children of their captors (no that does not mean we should let them in). Through this separation, we hinder the Coyote sex and slave trade significantly, why would we want to end it so that a few emotionally distraught families have been separated temporarily? These people have broken our laws and their treatment is no different than criminals with children inside the country

There is a large untalked about hypocrisy when it comes to this topic and that is that many children in America are separated from their parents just the same. Their parents go to prison for whatever reason and often if the child has no immediate family, they are sent into foster care or some other solution. The same foster care institution that has lost over 60,000 American children and wiped their cases clean, but we don’t hear about that, do we?

But this entire thing goes further. It all coincidentally began appearing right after the IG report came out on June 14th. The IG report highlighted and showed the bias that compromised the investigations into the Clinton emails as well as the Russian collusion investigation, the witch hunt that was. This story was being sat on by the media for such an occasion. In fact, lone articles about the child separation can be found as far back as early May but it never blew up until the left needed it to.

What we can learn from this is two things. First is that Democrats and the media work to cover up topics not in their favor and know how to do it, as the IG report was successfully drowned out for the most part. Second is that Democrats and the media do not care about American children like they do Latino children. Hell, they hardly care about Latino children as is, why else would they hold back a story filled with perceived wrongs for so long? They either don’t believe what they say or these children are just tools to them, perhaps both.

Moreover, their concerns have been misplaced as for many children it really helps them rather than harms them. Some can’t tell the first thing about the smuggler that got them to the border. This policy is not immoral and does not need to be changed, in fact, it should stay in place. If you cross the border illegally then you must suffer the consequences. We have been too generous to the people who exploit our country’s wealth. It must be stopped and we should turn our focuses on our own children, the real problem. The nuclear family has been on the decline for decades with increased rates of divorce, fatherlessness, promiscuity, abortion, and lower rates of marriage as well. This must be changed in order for our nation to survive, and I’m not just talking about America, this applies for Dixie as well.

Fight against the narrative and see through the cover-ups. There’s more to every story than the media will tell you. Imbedded in this story lies the plot to cover for the Clintons and their pawns as well as the deflection of real problems to fake ones. Do not fall for it. Deo Vindice brothers.

-By Southern Revivalist


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