In modern Dixie almost every conservative “good ole boy” loves waving the America flag. In fact not waving the US flag will get you labeled a “liberal” and “disrespectful to the troops”. Well, I’m neither. This topic of American Nationalism is a touchy topic even in more Far Right & Pro-Confederate circles. So I want to start off saying that I don’t burn US flags and I mean no disrespect to the troopers who fought for it. Heck, in fact I have many family members who fought in the US army and one of my great grandfathers even died fighting in a American war. Though I question the actual use of these wars (some I’ll outright disavow), I acknowledge that the American men fighting were mostly Brave men just trying to do their duty to their country. My problem with using the American flag is its history and it’s Government.

As a Southerner, I see no reason to fly the flag. First off you have the fact that the Union waving that flag burnt and destroyed the Southland during the war. This war was not just waged on the men in gray but Southern Civilians as well ( Read War Crimes Against Southern Civilians and you’ll get how bad it was). Sherman purposely waged a cruel war against women, children and the elderly of Georgia and the Carolina’s. A war which purpose was to show the Southern people that they had no right to dare declare self governance or defy the”holy” federal government. In modern times, this to Anti-Southerners is something to brag about and make jokes about which truly shows their hatred for the Southern people. Most people would say that was only a war time situation and we should just forgive like some Civil War soldiers did after the war. My response is that this level of brutality from the Feds to Southerners or anyone who is fed up with insane egalitarianism hasn’t stopped. The federal government has over the years completely stomped on Southerners. No matter how many times we carry the Yankee imperialist through one of their “wars for freedoms” they still think of us as a backwater. Most people don’t know but after WWI the Yankees lambasted the south as an “inferior backwater” of the country. They soon fell back into their Reconstruction attitude of seeing the South and soon the Yankee press was making a pastime of bashing so called fellow countrymen.

The Yankee again fell back to their shilling for Blacks over their fellow Whites south of Mason-Dixon Line. This verbal attack all came during during the terrible Boil Weevil crisis which destroyed Southern cotton. Luckily the South was in no good mood to play games. In the summer of 1919, the South and some Northern cities fenced off attacks (mostly sexual assaults on white women) from arrogant Blacks who thought themselves equals due to Yankee propaganda over the War. The South completely settled the Black issue during Red Summer of 1919 as they did in 1876 and some racial minded Northerns realized it was necessary. In Northern urbanite cities (like Chicago), degeneracy and moral decadence was on the rises. Miscegenation and fornication took place across the massive cities of the North. Ironically it would be the Great Depression that would end this clown world created by the libertines. No longer could these degenerates be able to pay for their vices and picking on the South. Like the old saying goes “strong men create good times, weak men create hard times”.

Some are probably thinking what is my purpose of rehashing old history like this ? Well my point is that the South has always been the bed rock of morality and racial dignity in America. Thus the reason why the federal government (and the scum controlling it) hate and seek to remove us. Without the Union to hold us with fools in the North and West Coast we would be able to hold the color line and keep proper order. Think about all the decisions the Supreme Court has made alone that has turned society upside down. It was them who struck down the color line in schools with the Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. Thank them for all the ghetto little black wanna be white kids who now seek to be “gangstas”. It was President Eisenhower who enforced school race mixing when he sent his federal boot boys to put bayonets in the backs of the white Southern people of Little Rock in 1957! So thank him for making sure we could be displaced in all the city schools and now you can’t even send your child to a city public school without them being teased and bullied as the “White boy” or “cracker”. Kennedy sent the US boot boys to both the University of Alabama (1963) & Ole Miss (1962) to enforce college “equality”. So give a handshake to JFK for kick starting the SJW takeover of higher education and lowering the bar. Now your daughters can be assulted by a gang of buck ball players and the college will make sure to cover it up as not to be “ racist”.Good ole JFK . The Supreme Court made abortion legal with Roe V Wade in 1973 . So thank the black robed rulers for the murder of millions of innocent babies and also giving feminism a false sense of respectability. The list could go on and on .

There is no reason to wave the flag of a nation who utterly hates us and our traditions. There is no reason to stay in a Union with “equality” drunken authoritarian libertines. So I ask my fellow Southerner “ do you want to be mocked and have every thing you value ripped away from you as being “racist”? “ . If you seek the end of Clown World you probably need to stop waving the flag of it’s leaders and wave the flag that they hate with insane passion. Think about it . Why else do they really seek to take our confederate flag if not to replace it with their own?

-By Richard Ewell


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