Wake up White man!

Today, in the post truth society we live in, one group of people is constantly criticised, shamed, and trampled on. This, of course, is White people, European descendants. We are lead to believe that we are race of evil, a race of needless war, violence, cruelty, and power hungry psychopaths. This however, couldn’t be further from the truth.

White people have nothing to be ashamed about. We ended slavery for most of the world after millenia of it being present, we built the 1st world, brought about the industrial revolution, established human rights and many other things. The South may have been one of the last places in the West to end slavery but we weren’t far behind and slavery likely would have become obsolete without the civil war just like it had in every other civilized western nation.

We have been the leaders in personal liberties for centuries but now it seems we have travelled too far. The hordes of disloyal migrants from the 3rd world are set to overcome our majority White countries and we are to be fine with it. Why should we be? Why would we be interested in our own demise and replacement? Why when we have been the only race in history to bring the world so far with so many benefits. We have a right to remain a majority in our countries, that’s the end of it.


Europe was filled with war because of the many nations and people that inhabit it. The competition is what led Europe into greatness and torment. The Arab Slave Trade was the worst of the slave trades, no the Atlantic Slave Trade. Africa and America were not exploited for our gain, if anything, Africa benefited the most from colonialism as a whole. Historical revisionism is the tool the Left uses to guilt trip us.

There is no reason we should feel guilt, for we have done no wrongs ourselves, and the wrongs our ancestors did were the most mild for their time. Many of our ancestors did not even partake in slavery, colonialism, or any of the other perceived injustices. Only a small percentage of Whites are descendants of slave holders, or the genocidal maniacs that occasionally rose up, as is inevitable with the clash of civilizations.

Our forefathers built this country, not the ancestors of the disloyal Black and Latino Americans. Our ancestors toiled in the dirt and scratched out a living in this country. Do not throw away this country and our homeland for “diversity” and “tolerance” do not forsake their memory.

We have no obligation to the 3rd world. There is no good reason why we should let them into our countries, to weed us out, to turn America and the South into a country of racial power vying. We should aim to treasure their memory, and to carry the torch of prosperity through the ages.

By Southern Revivalist


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