It was President Truman who really managed to kick start the trend of the federal government’s capitulation to blacks. It was Truman who help give intial legitimacy to the “Dindo” myth. He was the one who helped opened Pandora’s box and unleashed mass wave of black crime that had been repressed for decades with the help of rope justice. [* note to reader: This article will not be discussing Truman’s call for the Civil Rights plank of 1948 as that will be saved for an future article of its own.]

It was President Truman who really managed to kick start the trend of the federal governments capitulation to blacks. It was Truman who help create the “Dindo” myth. He was the one who helped opened pandaroas box and unleashed mass waves of black crime that had been repressed for decades with the help of rope Justice. [* note to reader, this article will not be discussing Truman’s call for the Civil Rights plank of 1948 as that will be saved for an future article of its own.]

When Truman was nominated as the Vice President on the Democratic Ticket of 1944 he was seen as a safe bet for the South. Truman was a Southerner (albeit from the border state of Missouri) raised by a Confederate supporting mother. He seemed to be strongly entrenched in the Southern Identity and roots. The Southern people felt that he would help safe guard our traditions and institutions. We were wrong, dead wrong. In the years before Truman was made Vice President their was already stirs of the breaking in the colorline in the South. The biggest break was created when the Supreme Court in Smith V. Allwright, decided that the White Primary violated the 15th amendment which made the White Primary “unconstitutional” (The SCOTUS once defying the 10th Amendment). This was perhaps the biggest slap in the face to the South since Reconstruction by the Federal Government. The Supreme Court had basically destroyed a tradition and safety measure that had existed in the South for decades. To make it worse they used the 15th Amendment to verify their tyrannical act , an amendment forced on the Southland at bayonet point during Reconstruction. The White Primary was key to keeping blacks from corrupting process the political and the leadership of the South. Once blacks could vote in the Democratic Primaries they could “cuck” the whole race and every candidate. Their interference would create it into a contest of whoever could win over the black vote. It would create a hideous alliance between white scalawags and blacks thus corrupting the party and displacing true Southerners. To make things worse is the fact that the upper South basically capitulated to the unconstitutional decision of the vile Supreme Court. This left the Deep South states on their own. This struck (rightful) fear into the White men in the Black Belt. They were facing Black Domination again as they did in the dark days of Reconstruction. Wise Congressman John E Rankin of Mississippi warned his fellow Southerners to crush the “communistic drive…to destroy white supremacy in the South”. The Legislature of Mississippi took his advice passing all sorts of laws to counter act the Federal Governments attempt to co opt the Democratic Party from white Southerners. I should mention another man who made quite the prophetic warning to the Southern people.

Governor Frank Dixon

“Alabama’s former Governor Frank Dixon revealed his anxiety to the head of the state party. “It’s obvious,” Dixon wrote, “that the only thing that has held the Democratic Party together in the South for many years pat has been the thing which it’s strength in the first place,namely,white supremacy.” If the national Democratic Party follows the Supreme Court’s lead “through the forced registration of negroes in this State, the Democratic Party will become anathema to the white people in the South.”

(the Dixiecrat Revolt page 40 DRAWING THE COLOR LINE)

We can see that many Southern men realized what was at stake. Dixon’s quote shows that he foresaw the disenfranchisement of white southerners from the Democratic Party if they did not stop the blacks from entering their primary. In hindsight we can certainly see his words have proven eerily ominous and certainly ring more than true today. The White Southern man was thrown out of his party in years to come. Now, the modern Democratic Party has fully embraced its pandering to all non whites and degenerates all across the board.

As we know FDR would die in April of 1945 and Truman was made President of the United States. He dropped the atomic bombs and the War ended. The Southern men soon returned home but also the black men. This returning wave of young men of war would cause clashes across the South. Many blacks now felt they had earned their “rights” and became pushy with Whites, which caused Whites to get pushy back and unlike now both sides were willing to fight it out like men. This is around the time President Truman became involved and decided to interfere with Southern affairs. Black pressure groups began to influence the weak willed Truman. These groups (NAACP,PAC,SCHW) would tell Truman mass exaggerations and only one sided stories of how black veterans were brutally attacked for minding their own business and the media also jumped on the bandwagon (as always). Truman began making comments in 1947 like “we can no longer afford the luxury of a leisurely upon attack unpleasant prejudice and discrimination” and it became more and more clear that Truman was an emotional bleeding heart. Truman in his personal writings is shown as actually believing the nonsense and sob stories he was told but he also had much to gain from advocating for blacks. Modern scholars make it look like Truman was purely acting out of moral conviction but in reality Truman was pandering to liberals and primarily Northern Blacks who in the upcoming race could effect the end outcome. I believe Truman had surrounded himself with quislings who would effect and influence him to turn on his own for political expediency. Whatever the case may be Truman was now becoming one of the biggest enemies of Dixie as he stalked the South with his Federal lackeys and henchmen.

Blantant propaganda aimed at the White South

As before stated racial tension was high as the White men of the South tried to maintain the proper order and as such bloodshed became a necessity if the order was to be maintained. Throughout the two years preceding the end of the war the color-line faltered. Men like Talmadge were able to hold it in place with his victory in the Primary in the Georgia election in 1946 but elsewhere weaker men took power. In February of 12, 1946, the Black Army sergeant Issac Woodard was taught a lesson at a South Carolina bus stop after he cussed the white driver. He was taught that lesson by a policeman who was called by the white busman to help which resulted in the accidental blinding of Woodard. This was the opportunity the agitators had been looking for to demonize the Southern people. The NAACP caught wind of the fate of Woodard and jumped on the case. The radio Yankee loudmouth Orson Welles soon was notified of the case and began shooting his mouth off about it over the radio waves. The windbag even mistakenly claimed the lesson was taught in Aiken,South Carolina and began trashing the town. Unlike nowadays their was no gutless counter signaling and the towns City Council banner his movie at the local theater and the Aiken Police burned his movie posters (that’s what true White community Solidarity looks like for you). When officer Shull (the lesson teacher policeman) went to trail he was found innocent by the jury of “violating Woodard’s Civil Rights”. Woodard soon became the Mike Brown of his day as the NAACP paraded him around as the “poor” victim of the evil Southerners. So the black activist informed President Truman who like always became outraged in his conceited self righteousness. Truman soon waved the bloody shirt of Woodard as a reasoning for his mass shilling for the blacks. The NAACP leader Walter White began telling the President abunch of sob stories about the lynchings to which the hyper emotional Truman allegedly replied “My God! I had no idea it was as terrible as that! We’ve got to do something?” In his usual knee jerk reaction. Truman became more and more of a pawn of the various black activists proving just how weak and short sided Truman really was. Attorney General Clark began conspiring with Truman to take action and “prevent such happenings”. Truman then made his executive order establishing the Presidents Committee on Civil Rights ion December 5, 1946 with the expressed goal of punishing “individuals who take the law into their own hands and inflict summary punishment and wreak personal vengeance”. So to all those fathers out their who have had their daughters raped and killed only to see the killer get constant repeal after repeal never getting the Justice they rightfully deserve , you can thank Truman. Truman’s blatant “Federal Goverment is Supreme” mentality has led to constant miscarriages of Justice. Today’s killers,rapist and child predators continue to benefit form Truman’s shortsighted actions in 1946. Just google up a few and you’ll see just how many butchers have dodged the hangman’s noose because of Mr.Truman. Truman began the process of molding Civil rights as weapon against whites and making minorities a protected class to be cuddled by the Washington traitors. The worse part of all this is that it’s only the beginning of Truman’s cuckery.

In February 16, 1947, Willie Earle (a black man) was arrested for the murder of a White Taxi man in Greenville, South Carolina. The next day 35 armed white heroes took Earle out of jail and taught him a lesson, his final lesson. This caused Governor Thurmond to come out and call the lesson “a blot on the state of South Carolina” and has the heroes arrested. I assume the reasons for Thurmond’s actions have to do with his experience with World War 2, of which he fought in, and its propaganda. Thurmond was elected as a moderate anyways. FBI Chief Hoover even said Thurmond did a well job and the blacks congratulated Thurmond’s act. Yet despite all this Attorney General ordered the FBI to take up the case , a case which was already being handled by South Carolina! I honestly don’t understand where the outrage is from. The black mugged and murdered the taxi driver. His lynching only saved the state tax payer money and he would have been executed either way. The “law and order” mentality is a sham and foolish (especially on Strom’s part). We can see the outcome of this thinking today as the inner cities have fallen to black ghetto thugs like Earle but unlike then their isn’t White men with the balls to deal with punks like Earle. Nowadays you can’t even go into black majority areas without being robbed or raped (if your a woman). The only way to stop this barbism was to out due their brutality with your own. That’s what the men in Greenville did. The local Greenville White People understood this and were fully supportive of the men who executed the brute Earle even paying for the legal defense of the 35 heroes. Many White South Carolinians were against the extra judicial killing but still knew the black had it coming. The PCCR (The President’s Committee on Civil Right) was in close cahoots with the NAACP over the Greenville case. The trial for the White heroes began on May 13th, 1947 with a liberal judge who demanded no racial argument or to debate of the blacks guilt be in the defense. The judge was your typical windbag “rule of law” tool. Luckily the defense did an exemplified job of pointing out that Willie Earle was a rabid dog who needed killing. Then the defender ,Culbertson, went further pointing out that the case was caused by “Northern interference” and that Truman’s administration was using the case to milk votes in the North. The Jury on May 9th acquitted the defendants of all charges.

Prime Example of Southern Solidarity. They kept their community safe.

The press and Truman went crazy and bellyached over how “horrible” it was that White men would dare put do death a black thug without the Courts blessings. You know, the typical “muh rule of law” rubbish. The press castigated the State of South Carolina as a lawless backwards hellhole for killing of a murderous bandit. This brought a rightous furry to even the moderates of South Carolina with even Governor Thurmond responding that “I think it is grossly unfair, unjust and downright outrageous for these jury men to be held up as intolerant bigots, ignoramuses and of low mentality because they acquitted the defendants”. The White People of South Carolina were closing ranks and their Governor (like a good lead of his people) defended his own. Truman on the other hand did the exact opposite.

When President Truman heard of the righteous verdict of the Carolinians he made a first declaration of support for Civil Rights when he addressed the NAACP in Washington in June. With his always stuck up and womanly emotionalism he demanded “we cannot wait another decade or another generation to remedy these evils”. Is it really so evil to execute a murderous black mugger? Truman then made the bold claim that the Federal Government must take a stronger rule on the defense of so called “Civil Rights”. In his most scalawag move yet he then showed his true hatred for his fellow Southerners when he declared “We cannot, any longer, await the growth of a will to action in the slowest state or the most backwards community. Our national government must show the way.” Truman had declared himself a enemy of the South and would steamroll the 10th amendment if need be to unleash the black mass and end the Souths way of maintaining order. He saw it as his mission , thus he would unleash African barbism onto the South of that rivaling Haiti. His committee (PCCR) put forward an anti Southern report called “To Secure These Rights, for Truman to sign. The report utterly sought to destroy the South calling for enactment of anti lynching, anti poll tax, and fair employment practice legislation. Each of these demands were purposeful in that they each targeted the Souths order of maintaining order. The anti lynching part was to destroy true law and order and create chaos in the inner city and black areas. We see this clearly today where in most cities you can’t even go outside without worrying of being accosted by some ghetto rat. The anti poll tax was to unleash black suffrage on the South and hand over power to blacks while disenfranchising Whites from the Democratic Party. The fair employment legislation was aimed to create Affirmative Action and raise blacks up above more qualified Whites in the work place. All three demands we can now see the horrible end results of in modern times. Those results are corruption,chaos and decay of our cities and communities (think Memphis,New Orleans,Selma etc).

Truman vainly said ,when noting the title of the report “I hope this committee has given us as broad a document as that [Declaration of Independence] – an American character of human freedom in our time.” Note how narcissistic Truman was and how he actually thought as himself as the next coming of Thomas Jefferson, for utterly destabilizing the land of Jefferson and Washington. I wonder how Truman actually thought of himself as another Jefferson when Jefferson himself was abhorred by the thought of black suffrage and actually advocated for slaves to be removed to Africa once freed. He was also a slave owner… I guess Truman was also historically illiterate.

Truman was now and from now on an open enemy of the South’s order and society. It was up to the Southern people to try to stop this blind and stuck up fool.

By Richard Ewell


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