There once was a boy. He lived in a small country that he never really felt like home in because his ancestors were from a different nation. His father would abuse him, made few friends and he loved no one but his mother who died young. He tried an art career and failed. With no money and no home, he lived on the street with nothing.

Nothing, but an undying love for the land of his ancestors. He served his country valiantly, earning medals and risking his life. But Despite his efforts, his country still lost the horrid war.

When he returned home to the land of his ancestors, he was disgusted with what he saw. Child brothels, Communism and mass poverty. All of those things he traced back to people who were few, but their disloyalty to the nation had an impact unlike any could imagine.

Much like our Lord Jesus Christ, he entered politics at 33 years old and brought a party with 7 members to be the dominant force in the nation. Within a year, the poor of the nation were the envy of the World. The child brothels and the Communist literature were reduced to ash.

Despite his mercy to the people causing these problems, they still betrayed him and lied about him. Even declared war on him!

When their economic war failed, other states that He seemed to ally with declared MILITARY war on him.

Then one day, when the combined forces of Liberalism and Communism had clearly defeated him. He died. Some say he bowed his head and said “it is finished” much like Jesus Christ before he took his own life. Some say he went out fighting the communists. Some say he was scared so he killed himself in haste. Me? I say he died a long time before any of that.

He died to himself, on the streets of Vienna. Through his poverty he leads what was truly important. Addie the shy Austrian painter died and Adolf Hitler was born. And so we must do the same.

Now it is abundantly clear to those who misunderstood before. That is a story greater than any I’ve read in fiction. There are many role models Southerners can and should follow. Robert E Lee, Nathan Bedford Forrest. Yet there is one many Confederate “anti-racist” type like to disregard, downplay or even reject.

Within the Southern Secessionist Cause, there are many who disregard the Contributions to our Struggle made by Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP. They fail to recognize the parallels between Weimar and Modern America as well as the Reconstruction esque tyrannies brought against the German people. Take for example, the first real existence of transgenderism as a movement, it began in the Weimar Republic. Or what about the Communist threat? One might think Germany and Dixie are very different because entirely different problems face both. They’d be wrong.

From the Reconstruction of the South, to the Anti-German riots and imprisonment of Innocent German civilians during World War 1. From the illegality of the Swastika in Bavaria to lowering of Confederate flags in Georgia. From the the destruction of the statues of Adolf Hitler in Berlin to the government sanctioned taking down of Southern Generals in Charlottesville.

Ethnic Germans (like myself) and Southerners are in the same boat! Our history? Demonized! Our inheritance? Stolen! Many of us had to change our very names to sound more English!

Now one may ask as Lenin did in Russia, “What is to be done?” The answer is simple.

Just as our Führer did, we must die to preserve ourselves and pursue higher being. We must remember our true heroes and not let them be demonized. Any man who will not join our cause or the colors as Forrest would say, must be treated as just another enemy. Either a carpetbagger, scalawag, wetback, or whatever; it is clear that they are the enemy.

The South is approaching it’s World War II. If it loses, then it will suffer the same fate as Germany did with another reconstruction that we cannot and will not survive. Millions of White Christian Southerners, dead for loving their culture and heritage. If we want to save our people, we must fight. Not with words or hugs but with bullets and fists! Not with signs alone but with marches!

An allocation of all Dixie’s resources towards Total War against our enemies! A Total War that will end with 3 million, instead of what we got last time! A Total War that will end with our righteous independence and deserved self-determination. So now, Southern man, I ask of YOU just as Goebbels did our German brothers all those years ago, “DO YOU WANT TOTAL WAR?”

-By Charles Timothy Booth



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