Back when our ancestors were still crossing the great Atlantic Ocean to the lovely Southland, the land was sparsely populated with some places having large stretches of land where no town or even village was. Because of this, they satisfied their innate human desire for music by making their own songs. They made their own instruments with whatever they could and improvised and adapted to the nature of the place that surrounded them.

They played English ballads, Irish jigs, and Gospel songs. Eventually these forms of music evolved into Southern music. Appalachian and Bluegrass. Country and Southern Folk. It was just one aspect of our culture that developed from our ancestors.

Since the land was sparsely populated, they couldn’t go out to hear music and in order to keep the music lively and alive, they made their own songs from their own experiences. The lyrics told of stories, not of perverse desires or moronic tractors. They told sad stories about heartbreaks, feuds, battles, etc. Think of Gypsey Davey or Rose of Alabama. Now we have nonsense about killing eachother and having multiple partners. Now we have deadbeat Blacks that rap about how they kill “niggas” like its nothing.

“But that’s just one genre and not many Southerners listen to that”, you say, and you would be correct — thank God. But the only other genres that are popular are “Country” and Pop which are only a little better as they are not calling for hood culture. But they are insulting us and playing into the stereotype that Southerners are backwards hooligans. Modern Country has been reduced to the trash Nashville produces with lyrics as bland as “I can take you for a ride on my big green tractor / We can go slow or make it go faster”. Is this what Southern music is? Instead of powerful, meaningful lyrics about a Southern wanting to be back home, we get meaningless filth about hicks going mudding or something related like that. I don’t know about you but I miss the days of Merle Haggard and George Jones. Pop music is even worse with the same lyrics about promiscuity and lousy sob stories with useless whining.

The effect of this is clear, our culture is watered down to the point that we are just a laughing stock. Our culture is reduced until it has no meaning.

“So what is the solution?” You ask. The solution is just like it is with diversified entertainment. Boycotting is the primary, perhaps only realistic solution. We must vote with our money. Don’t listen to the songs, don’t go to the concerts, and turn them off whenever possible. Just like with diversified entertainment, you may like some of these songs (doubt it) but you have to have the willpower to say no and turn it all away. God would not want you filling your mind and heart with this nonsense so don’t do it even if you secretly enjoy it. Trust me, there’s plenty of better songs and music out there that are still played and still being made and you can actually relate to as opposed to, “I can take you for a ride on my big green tractor / We can go slow or make it go faster” which is just plain stupid. Hopefully we can all agree on that.

Our culture is rich and needs preserving which is what music is a part of. It’s not simply entertainment or whatnot; music is the stories of us and our ancestors. It can be used to worship God, help us calm down, learn, grow, flourish, and control our emotions. Or, alternatively, it can be used by the powers that be to destroy our culture as it is today.

Don’t let them. Revive our culture. Retake our music.


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