The day has arrived. The 1st anniversary of the day when over 1,000 brave White men and women marched on the most vilest and wicked city in Dixie. A day where we proved we weren’t a dying breed of old men or basement dwelling edgelords, like the media portrayed us. A year later, people on our side have regrets over Charlottesville. Since I didn’t go personally (although I wanted to) I won’t counter signal any of these men. Yes, mistakes were made during and especially after Charlottesville. The constant infighting and blaming crippled the unified front that should have came together after the bloody fight last August. Despite all this, I believe Charlottesville had its positives that shouldn’t be overlooked. It showed the world that the White man wasn’t afraid to stand his ground and defend his people. It showed “racism” (racial realism) wasn’t dead. The fact that the media and leftist controlled courts came after us after C-ville shows that they took us as a serious threat to their corrupt system. They realized that we weren’t going to sit by while our future went down the gutter. The establishment attacked and continues to censor us. We also have men behind bars in the C-ville gulag as we speak. These men deserve our help and respect. They are prisoners of war who have been viciously targeted by the anti-White system. These men are who we should have rallied behind after C-ville instead of blaming one another for what the police and Antifa did. One thing I think many people in the far Right look over is the hope that came out of the torch lite rally on the first day. Personally, I was amazed and filled with inspiration as I saw our guys at UVA marching with torches in hand. It have me hope that our people still had the fighting spirit we had in times long ago. The first day, in fact, struck utter fear and horror in the hearts of our enemies. I’m sure many leftist cowards and the jewish elite shivered when they saw that long line of torches and White men shouting “You Will Not Replace Us!” Had the first day been all that had happen, I imagine the event would have been a total success. We should take note how the torch lite march on UVA was mostly secretive and not known to Antifa until the next day. We should keep this in mind for further events.


That’s all in the past now though and we must push forward. We should learn from the positives and negatives of C-ville.

I’d like to thanks those galant brave White men and women who risked their lives and lively hoods to make a stand for our people at C-ville . I’d like especially give thanks to those men who are now in jail for merely doing their duty as White men by helping out brothers in need. I hope and wish them the best of luck as well as those still dealing with the repercussions that started on a hot summer’s in Charlottesville.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=098QwsPVHrM Torch Light Rally on the first day


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