When I first heard that there was going to be a mass rally and speeches at Charlottesville I was filled with excitement. I was even more happy to see the main reason for the rally was over the brutal attacks on the Confederate monuments. I was excited to finally see that people we’re standing up for our heritage and identity. In the months before Charlottesville, I saw Confederate monuments across the South being torn down and vandalized. I watched the live feed of the monuments being torn down in New Orleans, over which police snipers stood ready to kill anyone who dare try to  stop the removal. I watched the CSA flag get torn down from the South Carolina Capitol twice, once by a black ,illegally, and the other on the orders of a treasonous Governor. We all saw the constant campaign that came after the Charleston shooting in 2015 to completely obliterate the confederate imagery in the South. I was depressed and sickened as the monuments of my ancestors were being destroyed by leftist anti-White rabble. I was angry that not much was done especially after 4 statues were taken down in New Orleans during the hot summer of 2017. I felt like a helpless spectator as my ancestors graves and monuments were defiled by BLM thugs and Antifa. The Souths monuments were utterly ignored by the Republicans we had elected and sometimes Republicans themselves were even leading the charge to purge Dixie of its Confederate roots. 


Southern Trump Supporters being ignored as the GOP DOES NOTHING to defend our monuments


This all leads me to the fateful two days of  the 11th and 12th of August 2017, one year ago. The rally’s main cause was the fact that the city was planning to remove the statue of Robert E Lee. When I heard of this I finally felt that my people were going to do something to stop this utter chaos and anti-Southern purge. I originally planned to go personally though due to distance and other personal reasons I was unable to make it. I saw  the first night, the 11th, play out out in restaurant on a TV. I was amazed to see hundreds of White men march on UVA with the flaming torches. I was rejoicing as I saw them march triumphantly up the steps of the University of Virginia, in defiance of the campus’s leftist reputation. The college it’s self served as a tribute to how the left had managed to subvert Southern Institutions that we’re founded by And for White men (UVA was founded by Virginian Thomas Jefferson). I watched with glee as the White men surrounded the vile communist and their filthy pathetic banner and sent them packing like the gutless cowards they are. I couldn’t have felt better when they were finally cleared and our guys were yelling victory as the fire lit up the summer night, gleaming on the statue of General Robert E Lee. It was peek optics. 



I went to sleep that night with pride and hope for my people that had long seemed only a pipe dream. The next day I was constantly checking my phone for updates on the event. I knew the main speeches were scheduled for the day and I was eager to hear them and see the leaders speak. That never would happen. The first time I realized something went wrong was when I was in a Walmart and my phone suddenly beep with a notification that Virginia had been put under marshal law. I was shocked and realized something big must have happened. Something big was happening and more was to happen. I was more than anxious to find news on the happening of the rally and I was met with various videos of street fighting and violent brawls. I was disgusted to see hordes of communist and blacks attacking our guys. I knew who was responsible for the violence right off the bat, Antifa. I hadn’t yet realized, being on that I wasn’t there, that the police and the scalawag Governor of Virginia were actively aiding and protecting Antifa. Later in the day I came upon the first report of a car crash. At first of course I was skeptical. The initial reports were blurry and weren’t clear who was hit. I at first worried it might have been our guys that were harmed by the crash. When I heard it was the communist mobs that ate pavement I was elastic. I can remember the smile and feels that came to my face as I imagined and then saw those Marxist demons being ran down like the garbage they were. I had no pity for them as they would have none for us. I’m no cream puff or pacifist. I didn’t want violence to spark at the rally but it came anyways at the hands of violent communist mobs. So I supported my own side as a White man should. 

When watching the numerous videos of the Battle of Charlottesville on YouTube and online one can not help but to notice the many League members. I noticed. The League and the Nationalist Front led at the front fighting through hordes of bloody thirsty degenerates who were hell bent on destroying the White race. The League and the NF column fought like men. This ability to get down and do battle is something we rarely see in modern times. Everything has been turned feminine and watered down. In modern society, weakness and quasi pacifism is worshiped. Cowardice is seen as a virtue. When I watched the League I didn’t see weakness but strength and the moral righteousness seen by the men of the Confederacy. I saw them fight like true Southern warriors of old against thousands of rabid leftist thugs. I saw them clean house and push the Antifa rabble back into the gutters where they belong. When I watched Mathew Heimbach,Michael Hill and Michael Tubbs leading the Nationalist Front through the streets I was struck with a determination to be there myself and grab the southern banner and charge a million black masked Anti-Fascist swine.





I finally felt like their was hope for the South seeing such heroism displayed at Charlottesville by the League. The Unite the Right Rally was turned into a battle, not planned by our side, but brought by leftist terrorist. On that day though, our people had enough. In the most left wing city in the South, our side managed to not only hold their own but push the leftist back. They sent them cowering off in fear with their tails in between their legs. All this in the face of overwhelming numbers. I have no doubt in my mind that had the police, who were responsible for the violence in the first place by not keeping the groups separate, that the far right could have permanently removed the communistic terrorist if they had pleased and saw it as necessary. 


Leaguemen clear the street of leftist lowlifes

58F3C9FF-A7C5-4E00-BC02-675410847793In the next few months I was a dedicated Southern Nationalist and decided to join the League myself. My main reasoning was their heroic stand at Charlottesville. I saw that they were serious and were determined for what they believed in. I saw that the South still had men that would fight if necessary. 


Charlottesville inspired many hopeless Southerners,young and old, who are sick of seeing their politicans turn a blind eye to the destruction of their heritage and replacement of us as a people. Seeing the men of the League and others take to the streets has inspired those who felt they had no representation and had been abandoned by the do-nothing Republicans. We finally witnessed a force that will put the White Southerner first. That will do what is necessary to win. We saw that we aren’t alone in our outrage at betrayal we have suffered at the hands of the anti-White system that countrols our land. To me personally and many other disgruntled Southerners, Charlottesville was a White Pill that gave us hope for a better Southern future. 

Videos showing the Leagues and others bravery that day. [Disclaimer:these videos were not made nor owned by me. All credits goes to the channel which uploaded them]   THE LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH STANDS TALL THE DAY IS COMING IT HAS BEGUN LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH DEFIANCE OF THE LEFTIST SPAWN 


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