The 1960s and early 70s were a strange time for America. Everything this great country was founded on and all social norms were turned upside down and reversed completely. We would no longer take our immigrants from culturally and ethnically compatible Europe, they would come from hostile Latin America and to a lesser extent, Africa. The dominant religion, Christianity, was emasculated and heretics came in the form of New Agers. The separation of the races was no more, and the White majority was now the alienated race that was to be criticized.


But nothing in politics or human history is random and the movement towards socialism and cultural cuckoldry was far from random. Communists have long sought to overturn American politics and destroy the main opposition against their cause. Communist subversion was a primary fear of Cold War America and we were right to fear because all evidence suggests that something very sinister went down behind the curtain that the common people are unable to see past. Yuri Bezmenov was a former KGB agent that participated in communist subversion in India. After some time, he defected to the West, and in the 1984 he shot an interview where he told his story but also of how the Soviet Union worked their subversion.


He states that in order to begin the movement, a generation of young folks must be indoctrinated to believe in the movement. This was undeniably done with the baby boomer generation and has continued in our current age. Think of all the Marxist professors that proudly tout their Anti-White rhetoric in the face of our impressionable youth. Communism reached further than we could have ever imagined. We now know that MLK had communist ties and the New York Times is told to be one of the main reasons Cuba’s communist revolution succeeded.


He goes on to say that immigration, feminism, and all the rest of the leftist dogma is just part of the communist agenda. No surprise there. Communists seek to weaken their enemies through any means necessary. Whether that be the destruction of our identity as a people, outright war, miscegenation, or whatnot. They want America to be a formless void with no culture. That’s what the communists wanted; that’s what they still want. At least today we don’t have to deal with an entire enemy country. Today we have to deal with our own lunatics from within. Rich Jews, cucks, and Marxists, who want to change this country into a communist hellhole so that they can seize all the power that is to be had with no competition. Communism only results into the exact slavery that Marx thought capitalism was which is why they want it. They fear Civil War and rebellion because they know that if we win in that way, they will never come back and all they have worked towards will be no more. This is why we must not shy away from rebellion, thinking it will weaken our country. It will weaken our country, but it will preserve our nation, the Southern nation, and will also revive it. America is on life support and we’re only waiting for the death knell. You can watch the full interview here


The White leftist pawns are proclaiming their own demise (as well as ours) by carrying on Marx’s dream of a global revolution. Since America was the prime enemy of communism, we have been targeted and it has worked. Bezmenov warned us and now we must listen. The good news is that the tide seems to be turning as Generation Z is increasingly becoming conservative, but while managing to get 60% of a generation to be conservative sounds like a win, the battle continues and will continue until the percentage point is 100%. Today we see that the two sides, left and right, are polarizing. Leftists are becoming more communist while right-wingers become more identitarian. The communists had their revolution with the baby boomers; now we need our own revolution with Generation Z. We should mobilize our small victory here and use it to put down socialist and communist doctrine that has taken over the left.


Bernie Sanders would have most likely won the Democratic Primary had Clinton not been corrupt. That’s scary because socialism is just communism-lite. Our enemy, just like in the 60s, has gained the power to contest our power. Now, it’s not surprising that Sanders is Jewish. So is George Soros, one of our main enemies. The Jews have again picked up the mantle of international socialism and communism and driven it into the heart of America. Of course, not all Jews are like this, but we must acknowledge and identify our enemies before it’s too late. The Jewish elite, Communist buffoons, Yankee carpetbaggers, Southern scalawags, and White traitors, must be dealt with.


Bezmenov warned us, don’t let his warning go unheeded.



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