If there was one state that deserves to fall into the ocean, that state would be California. Just thinking about the state sickens me. Between Canada and California, it’s hard to say which is more morally bankrupt and anti-White. As far as I am concerned I’d rather just hand the whole STD ridden state to Trudeau. Heck, lets just hand the whole West Coast to China! The state of California is practically the modern Sodom and Gomorrah. The people of California are the most pathetic and vile people on the face of the planet. The state is full to the brim with sexual deviants of every sort . The state is plagued with an STD pandemic and other of the most grotesque diseases imaginable. The state also prides it’s self on harboring millions of illegal riff raff who they ridiculously claim are as a American as anyone else here. Let’s not forget our “friends” in Silicon Valley! The Valley is a bee hive for anti-human technocrats hell bent on removing humans from the workplace and replacing us with their beloved robots. California also is one of the few states where Whites are already the minority. People always refer to Mississippi as a lost state because of the high black demographic yet it’s really California that we should give up on. We should also examine the South’s relationship with the Bear State.

Many Californians are just as bad as any black or latino. The Californian also is fond of invading Texas as well as other Southern states. Like the Yankee, they also want to culturally colonize the Southland. The Californian, with their smug smile and soy boy grin, would like nothing less than to transplant their consumerist society to the Southland. We quite frankly need laws to stop immigration from California and perhaps the whole West Coast. The last thing we need is more bug men and California beach harlots coming to our beloved Dixie. They can march up the streets in their gay parades all they want (in California) but they aren’t welcome or wanted in a White Christian South. They certainly don’t respect the Southern people. To them, we’re just abunch of dumb rednecks, hillbillies and coon asses. Ironically they think we’re the stupid ones. I find this funny considering the interviews I’ve seen Mark Dice do on the beaches and streets of California. Check those out when you get time, you’ll fast realize how ignorant and shallow the average Californian is.

California is also ground zero for communism. The state is the home to various Antifa cells and leftist indoctrination centers like U.C Berkeley. All and all, the Californian people are inferior bird-brained fools. They are totally brainwashed with lie of equality and liberalism. Their libertine culture of self- pleasure is cancerous and should be crushed. My dear hope is that Trump will actually man up and send the army to punish them for harboring millions of illegals, I don’t count on it though. Trumps probably too busy disavowing “all sorts of racism” or trying to unify Mexico children with their parent (while young men like Jacob Godwin sit behind bars away from their families in the C-ville gulag). I could list a laundry list of examples of why California is a hellhole but this article would become a series very fast. Instead, if you don’t believe me, just google California or lookup Drudge Report daily to see their total fall into sexual depravity. The bottom line is that Californians have a totally different culture and way of thinking than us in the Southland. They aren’t our fellow countrymen and would gladly love to see us wiped off the face of the map and replaced with browns and Blacks. We need to understand that the average Californian and Southerner aren’t the same. We don’t belong in a “union” with them. They hate us and we hate them. They want to secede and we want to secede. Secession sounds like a mutual win for both parties involved. I have no want to be part of nation that acknowledges California on the same level as Georgia and other Southern states.


Californians, please don’t move to the South, your NOT welcomed or invited. You won’t get any southern hospitality from us.

How and why should we remain in a Union with people like this ?

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