In the homeland of the many legendary White heroes such as Jeff Davis, Mississippi, one would not expect to find a negrophile, but nonetheless one has been found. That negrophile is State Representative David Baria who is currently running for the US Senate in Mississippi on a disgusting scalawag platform. This man, who is a native White Mississippian, has utterly and shamefully turned his back on his own people. Baria is a gutless scalawag, a total traitor to the South. In his servile pandering to blacks he has continued to try to target the state’s great flag. He has made several attempts while in office to get the great flag of Mississippi removed. He has made comments like:

“The people of Mississippi have a duty to acknowledge that hatred and racism remain alive and well in America today,” and how the Mississippi people should all turn their back on their ancestors like he has. Baria has been shamefully trying to ride the media backlash from Charlottesville into gaining the Mississippi US Senate Seat, waving the bloody shirt so to say. He constantly is bringing up how confederate flags were seen at Charlottesville and how the “brave” heroine Heather Heyers was brutally ran down by a blood thirsty White terrorist. Mr. Baria is also one of those bleeding hearts who adopted a half-black child to prove how “humane” and “progressive” he is. He enjoys bragging about this as some great and wonderful thing and openly uses it to try to shame white audiences into rebuking their Southern identity. Usually he goes on and on in his speeches about “muh black son”, you know the typical cuckhold rubbish. “We have the obligation to denounce not just hate but those who refuse to condemn it. Which is why as Mississippians it is long past time for us to address our own shortcomings.” Wrong, Mississippians should be proud of their history and their maintaining of the color line and Biblical principles over the previous decades. The Mississippians have always led from the front in stopping the various diabolical schemes to harm the White race. This pathetic quisling is teaching his people to hate themselves and hand the state over to incompetent blacks. We’ve seen how well that worked out in South Africa and Rhodesia. This man desires the same in Mississippi. He is an enemy to Mississippi.

This sniveling negrophile is the text book definition of a treasonous back stabber. He is a weak kneed worm who has the same potential to damage the South as the boll weevil did to Southern cotton. Mr. Baria however isn’t after our cotton but our blood. Blood that he wants to see bastardized and turned dark. I’d think I’d prefer the boil weevil any day if I had to pick between the two.

Rep. Baria lacks all moral scruples and is totally lacking in any sense of pride in his race. He is a unrepentant scalawag. This only goes to show how right men like Senator “The Man” Bilbo and Congressmen John E. Rankin were. This goes to show why the White Mississippians fought so hard and bitter to keep Blacks out of their political arena and especially the Democratic Party. A man like Baria could only rise off the votes of Blacks. White liberals in Mississippi are a tiny minority, especially if they are native Mississippians.

Mr. Baria, in Mississippi is a minority, luckily. Despite all this he is a great threat to the Mississippi people. A cockroach like Baria always has ways of surviving and thriving. He might just win this race for the Senate seat. The incumbent, Senator Roger Wicker, is certainly a coward as well since he recommended the flag be removed, saying “After reflection and prayer, I now believe our state flag should be put in a museum and replaced by one that is more unifying to all Mississippians,”. Keep in mind that craven coward is a Republican. Senator Roger Wicker is one of the yellow cowards who bowed his knee after the Charleston shooting in 2015. He capitulated to the enemies of the Southland. Waving the bloody shirt does wonders doesn’t it? No wonder the men of Mississippi dawned the Redshirt when they retook their state in 1875 from lowly men like Baria and Wicker. Hopefully the Southern men of Mississippi can live up to their former glory and honor.


We can only hope as much. Mississippi still has the best state flag though, so I’m not counting our Mississippi brothers out of the fight just yet.


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  1. A good report and a sad report, Sir. As to Senator Wicker, I am sorry to hear of his folly. Truly pathetick.


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