In the 1960s a movement surfaced. It was a movement that we did not expect and did not really notice until decades later. That movement was the New Age, a collection of beliefs that commonly held many Eastern philosophical perspectives such as the belief in Karma and Dharma. But it was not exclusively Eastern in origin and much of its thought came from Western sources, though those sources were obscure; sources such as Satanism.

The New Age is the spiritual amalgamation of the world’s religions that the hippies and associated movements brought about. They practice the idea of ascended masters, ancient aliens, astral projection, spiritual readings, the zodiac, astrology, and related topics, all of which have unfortunately seeped into modern-day Christianity. But the New Age has its roots in Satanism. You can watch this video to learn more about that.

I remember once in one of my highschool English classes when the teacher asked the class whether they believed in Karma or not. Several girls that I knew were Christian raised their hands along with the several Non-Christian girls (the class only had five boys, including me). That was shocking. How could an idea that was so contradictory to Christianity be so openly accepted by Christians? This must be explored if we are to reverse this disaster or at least deal with it.

Karma is the idea that the universe punishes and rewards people for their actions. It also supports reincarnation. Sure God does do those things except for reincarnation, but not always, and it’s not guaranteed. Therefore, Karma does not support the existence of God as it does not adhere to the belief that God is the one doing those things. Instead, it believes they are done by the universe. The Bible does not support that school of thought.

But there are more New Age ideas that have seeped into Christianity, more bizarre ideas. Take astrology and the zodiac, for example. Every New Ager knows theirs and so do many Christians. These are spiritual signs that obviously do not come from God, the only being Christians are supposed to be following. But these Christians are misguided and do not put God first as is meant to be. They just want to have fun and receive pleasure from the world. They want tolerance where the Bible does not advocate it. As true Christians, we should and do reject these ideas fully. You are playing with the spiritual realm and the devil when you engage in these things. I caution you from even knowing your zodiac sign.

But New Age beliefs evolved into more than just an amalgamation of Eastern and Western religions. For example, as mentioned before, they believe in ascended masters which is the idea that the world’s great philosophers and religious leaders were all really “ascended”. They don’t regard Jesus as being the Son of God, rather they regard him as an enlightened figure that knew magic. The same people who hold that view of Jesus also hold Krishna and Buddha to that same level. Granted, only hardcore New Agers believe in this but it is still dangerous and we can see it everywhere.

New Age thought has also led many irreligious folks into things that are strictly spiritual, literally. It’s no longer uncommon to find people who have attempted to contact ghosts or spirits, a practice the Bible strictly forbids.

Asheville, NC, is the main enclave that New Agers hold in the South. Imagine a Non-Christian, liberal Appalachian person and that’s the kind of people in Asheville. They love Bluegrass but many believe in the aforementioned beliefs. Asheville is evidence that the New Age has entered right into the heart of our dear homeland.

Leftists love destroying rightwing institution from inside. They’ve done it with the Republican party and are now doing it with Christianity and mainstream Christians are cucking to the gay rights movement, with some churches holding gay weddings just as they would a normal one. Likewise, the New Age has seeped into the church, with many Christians doing as I said before, believing in Karma, knowing their zodiac signs, and flaunting it around. This is a growing problem.

For without Christ, the South is not Southern.


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