The marxist hordes at UNC have successfully removed the Confederate statue of Silent Sam. Protesters illegally just tore it down. The idle police just stood by and watched while the leftist anti-Southern rabble just tore the statue from its pedestal. This is simply an outrage. The police should be fired for refusing to do their duty and enforce order. Chapel Hill should be put under martial law and the university itself put under state investigation. Every single participate of this cowardly act should be given the death penalty for treason to the State of North Carolina. We won’t see this though. The state of North Carolina is under the rule of a hostile coalition of carpet baggers and scalawags. It’s under direct occupation. Chapel Hill is little more than a grotesque colony of leftist Yankees.

President Trump will do nothing to defend our statues and will only complain so he can gain votes from disgruntled Southerners. If he really cared then he would be sending the National Guards to clean out the leftist rat holes across the nation as a whole. However, we don’t have Trumps ear anymore, sadly. He’s too busy working on prison reform with the KarTrashians (Kardashians) or trying to save himself from Russia witch hunt investigations. We’re on our own in this battle to save our homeland. What should we do in North Carolina?

First, I think it’s about time for our people to stop sending our children to Marxist indoctrination camps like UNC. If you’re an alumni you need to immediately stop having anything to do with them. If you watch their games or attend their events, you should be utterly ashamed of yourselves. Don’t give UNC any money. Furthermore, make any students of UNC feel unwelcome and unwanted in your community. Many of the UNC students aren’t even from the South much less North Carolina. The student body is made up of invaders. We need to totally boycott the university and make sure they know why. Call them up. Call the city police and demand to know what the hell they are doing while our statues are being destroyed by violent communist mobs. Protest in your local areas. You probably should avoid any activism at Chapel Hill since the local courts will probably crucify you. That’s of course assuming the slime balls of UNC don’t do it first.

Make your stand North Carolinian, put on the Redshirt. Raise your voice and raise the banner of North Carolina, Dixie and the Southern Nationalist black cross. Remember 1898.



  1. Its time we take a stand like the men this statue was put up for and defend our heritage and memory of the fallen


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