For decades, North Carolina has been subject to rampant cultural cleansing in favor of the Yankee transplant but in the past year or two it has all swelled. First, there was the election of our current governor, Roy Cooper, a pathetic scalawag who opposed the HB2 bill, led the boycott, and endorses the removal of Confederate statues. Cooper won the governorship by just a few thousand votes (proof your vote does matter) with results that many North Carolinians (Republicans of course) believe was tampered with in order to make Cooper win.

While that is bad enough, the thorns in the state’s side have reared their ugly heads again. First with the removal of the Confederate statue in Durham, and now with the removal of Silent Sam at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Both were done with mobs of leftist protestors, both were done in cities that have been overrun with Yankees, and both saw the police do absolutely nothing.

The sheriff of Orange County, the county Chapel Hill is in, is Charles S. Blackwood who has supposedly expressed his intent to abstain from aiding ICE’s and Trump’s efforts to up their deportation efforts. The mayor of Chapel Hill, Pamela Hemminger, also called for Silent Sam to be put in storage, which would negate the purpose of it in the first place. She is unsurprisingly also a Hillary Clinton and DACA supporter. Did I mention she was a scalawag like most of the Democrat party in North Carolina?

Let’s be clear here, North Carolina is growing a 5th column and it’s growing fast. It’s not just the North Central part of the state, but now Asheville, Charlotte, and even the Unifour region are being overrun by Yankees, Blacks, and hispanics too. At this rate, North Carolina will not be a swing state by 2028. We are being replaced, North Carolinians, and if we don’t do something about it, we will end up like Virginia, or worse, Maryland. We will cease to be Southern and our traditions like being predominantly Christian and having loyalty to our state first will be eroded until they are transparent. Our beautiful cities with all their new jobs have backstabbed us and now are about to lead to our very displacement.

Though I advocate immediate physical action, I fear it is just too soon for any such thing. I of course hope I am wrong, but I don’t believe any place in the West is ready to embrace the fact that reform will not bring us our deserved right to a homeland of our own. Therefore, what we should do right now is boycott UNC, organize counter-protests to these events, stop sending our children to these indoctrination camps, and get involved in every election we can. This is of course easier said than done as we don’t have billionaire backing to bring in counter-protesters by the truck loads, but we do have the advantage of being local.

Patriots within reasonable driving distance should be on the lookout for events such as these and should organize to go there and resist the invader scum. The police won’t do it, so we have to ourselves. It’s time the South brought justice back to its lands once and for all. We should no longer have scores of criminals getting slaps on the wrist or rioters getting away completely free after taking down a statue like happened in Durham. Disperse these degenerates and protect your birthright. We no longer have the luxury of standing by and twiddling our thumbs. How long until another momument is targeted? How long until the monuments in Raleigh are targeted? Are we just going to wait around until they’re all gone? Change will not come if we don’t usher it in.

In the grand scheme of things though, we have two paths. Total destruction of our identity, culture, heritage, and perhaps even ourselves, or the preservation of all that by taking by the seats of power and putting the Yankee transplants and Marxist traitors in their place. Our ancestors fought like hell under the battle flag and gave their all. We were the first at Big Bethel, farthest at Gettysburg, and last at Appomattox. Thirty percent of the Confederate Army was from North Carolina. We are called the Tar Heel state for a reason. We shall not go down without a fight, and fight we shall.

Let all people hear the Tar Heel yell! Take back the Tar Heel state! Take back North Carolina!



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