I’ve recently been able to find our more details on the vile destruction of the Silent Sam statue. I’m disgusted and outraged. I’m fed up with this talk of “unity” and “coming together” by limp wristed weaklings. I don’t want to come together with the filth of UNC. They certainly don’t want to make peace with me. This “nation” called America is at a boiling point and the average normie doesn’t even realize it yet. When you have mobs of communist swine tearing down statues of Southerners and bashing their heads in, while they cheer, then you have problem. These people aren’t our fellow countrymen. I don’t care if they’re even biologically “White” because they have betrayed their own people.

We can’t tolerate such blatant thuggery from the toxic Southern-hating leftists. I want nor desire compromise with these reprobates. The lowly rabble student body of UNC crave the blood of the White & especially the Southern man. Why else would they bash the head in of a statue. That statue is symbolic of us! They want to do the same to every “racist” White. If you’re White and don’t believe in self genocide then you’re a “racist” in their books. To every rainbow confederate, you need to wake up. Now isn’t the time to be virtue signaling White Nationalist and “racism”. If you call out “racism”, you’re no better than Antifa. “Racism” now, is just White self defense.

They aren’t my countrymen

This repulsive display of barbaric anti-Southern hatred at UNC should be definitive proof that the United States isn’t a single unified nation. This country’s government fails at every level. The USA has failed to defend its borders, maintain proper law and the survival of its own native/founding people. We’ve been sold down the river without a paddle. Let me just lay another thing I’ve heard on about that dark night. According to some reports the police actually arrested pro-Dixie flaggers for scolding them for not defending the statue and doing their duty as law keepers. Let that sink in. In Democratic controlled areas, those who seek for law enforcement,are declared the outlaws. For those rainbow Confederates and civic-nationalist Southerners, your day for deciding is now. Will you close ranks with your fellow true White Southerner or will you once again cowardly virtue signal anyone with a sense of racial identity?  You’ve tried explaining that it’s about “heritage not hate” yet the left doesn’t care. To them, you merely being White and pro-Southern offends them. These filthy swine will continue to destroy our monuments unless we force them otherwise.

The mass political polarization in this country will only heat up. You need to stop trying to reunite a nation that doesn’t want to be united. There can be no reconciliation with the communist hordes, example being the ones who tore down Silent Sam. If you seek unity with these people, you’re a traitor or a blind fool. The cultural Marxists hate your people and heritage with an animalistic loathing. The protesters who tore down Sam were foaming at the mouth and barking like rabid dogs. These people are satanic. They desire to turn all order and traditions upside down. They want to wipe the slate clean. All this for a false non-existent worship for “equality”. Equality is a lie straight out of the fiery pits of hell. It’s fitting that these swine would be replacing our statues with Satan like in Little Rock. It makes perfect sense for the Satanic abomination to have a White girl and black boy brought together. They want the White race utterly destroyed and replaced. You can’t do that if White gals are producing White babies.

Race mixing is their best chip for victory. They know a bastardized people will be unable to resist their heinous plans of creating a servile consumer class to dominate. The left is hellbent on rejecting God’s plan. It’s that simple.

The Left’s god of progress revealed at Little Rock

Southern independence is our only true hope. We can’t remain in this glorified suicide pact called the American Union and hope to survive. It’s like we are hugging a bear and hoping it won’t rip us apart and will come to love us. It won’t.

The South can’t survive without toppling the Democratic regimes. The South can’t do that unless the mass flood of Non-Whites are stopped from entering the country. The GOP have proven themselves imbeciles in this. That or they’re just capitalist loving traitors. The latter being the more likely. The haughty GOP and Trump might claim otherwise but the Blue Wave is coming. In Virginia and Florida the replacement is underway. Texas will soon turn blue if swift action isn’t taken. North Carolina is dominated and raped by the Urbanite enclave of Durham and Chapel Hill. The Deep South is next if we don’t demand that the illegals be deported by our state governments. If we don’t disavow the rampant race mixing and mongrelization of our people, we’re doomed. Our future is Chapel Hill and Charlottesville if we don’t stop the foreign invaders at our gates. We must crush the Urbanites.

Southern Nationalism must be the way forward.


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