“I hated the Yankee Nation, and everything they do, I hates the Declaration of Independence too. I hate the glorious union, ‘tis drippin with our blood. I hates the striped banner, I fought it all I could”

Too often I see the Southern Cross, (a lovely symbol of revolution against the tyrannical American Empire) flown alongside the American banner. A flag whose stripes are red with the blood of Southerners.

That flag was flown by the Yankees as they burnt Atlanta. It hung over the west side of Berlin as its Communist allies raped and murdered thousands if not millions of German girls on the Eastern side. That flag’s anthem was sung as we exploded the homes of innocent Syrian children, just for the sin of not bowing to Israel.

With all this taken into account, it’s hard to believe anyone, least of all Southern NATIONALISTS can still worship that Freemason dishrag. How can we continue to love a flag like that?

The American flag is the one the Yankees used to terrorize and subvert our people. It’s the one they used as they moved their own into our dear homeland. It’s the one that the South has experienced suicidal amounts of immigration from all parts of the world. Reject it and turn your focus only to the South and its flag.

One cannot serve two masters. One serves Christ or he serves Satan as Christ has no part with Belial. Christ embodied in the Southern people while Satan embodied in our enemies, overly hostile Yankees, anti-white Jews, etc.

There is no comparing the decadent North to the wonderful South. There is no debate to be had. The North and South will be at war until the minute the Jew loses his grip on the North. That would result in the creation of an entirely new country.

Therefore, “getting rid of the Jew” isn’t the solution as it would do away with Southern Identity, something we must never surrender.

And so it is made incredibly clear to us that there is no chance of friendship with the North in the near future. Excluding our allies in the Northwest Front, of course.

“I won’t be reconstructed and I do not give a damn!”

If you want the best for the South, if you want your great grandchildren to still fly that glorious Southern Cross, I implore you, stand with us! Turn your backs on Liberalism and Yankee garbage and embrace Universal truth. Your duty is to One God, one nation, and one flag. Those are the Southern nation and flag, not the one the Yankees have made you believe is yours. Its not and hasn’t been since 1861.

Put down the Striped Banner and replace it with the Cross. Surrender not another inch but instead take another mile! Fight Southerner, Fight!

Your ancestors charged bayonets first into Yankee cannons and conquered an entire continent! They developed Civilizations and Empires not for their own feelings or material wealth but for the good of their own people!

“United States of America is the demon of the world” -Charlie



  1. I’m curious to what you mean by “getting rid of the Jew” isn’t one of the solutions that we need. They are the ones sending our sons and daughters to die in some desert shithole. The Jew and the Yankee are an enemy that is need to be dealt with. The Jew,, then the Yankee/Carpetbaggers, then lastly the Dindu Question. So, if you could, what do you mean by that?


    1. I agree certainly. The Jew is a parasite to be exterminated. However answering the Jewish question will not solve all our problems. It was more of a knock on the Yankee Nationalist argument that getting rid of Jews and continuing our current system of things is going to work when in reality that is false. Simply getting rid of Jews and keeping their creations(democracy, multi racialism, false Christianity) will just end us where we started. Instead we must totally revolutionize our society and replace democracy with Fascism and Dicatorship. Not to mention good ole southern aristocracy.


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