Recently, Donald Trump tweeted that he was going to have people look into the South African farm murders. With an increased demand and push for land expropriation (which is bad enough) without compensation, the concern for the wellbeing of White South Africans has exploded into the mainstream, no longer a small and obscure story. The lügenpresse (lying press) has done what it does best since the South African government officially began its policy of land expropriation. They have claimed that it will help South Africa’s economy and is justified because Whites are not native to Africa with some even going so far as to simply call Afrikaners and other Whites “visitors”. For more information on the situation in South Africa, click here

The Independant has even claimed that Whites pushed Blacks out of their lands even though the nomadic Khoisan tribes in the west of the country didn’t really own any land and more of used it. In the east, a good portion of the land was won through legitimate means like it being uninhabited, bought, or by right of conquest. Just as in America, there was no native genocide and the land was taken, not stolen, just as the Magyars did in Hungary and the Anglo-Saxons did with England.

An intriguing argument has come up however, arguing that whoever was first has the ultimate claim to the land. That would mean that the Japanese, English, Mestizos, Arabs, and even Bantu South Africans have no right to their land. Anyone who thinks that is simply a lunatic but somehow because Europeans did it with land that was far far away, we are evil, unjust, monsters that must be eliminated like Julius Malema wishes. But we don’t need to dive into the complex and simultaneously simple leftist mindset right now; we need to set forth the solution.

First, as we have seen in Zimbabwe, land expropriation from Whites to Blacks is harmful because the average Black is not as educated in farming technology and techniques as modern Europeans. They can’t farm as well as we can and their yield is inferior, to put it bluntly. That means that no matter what Cyril Ramaphosa and the lügenpresse says, the economy can only go downhill with these actions.

As we have seen in Zimbabwe, these slow marxist actions only destroy the country. It is in the best interest of South Africa to not steal White lands, much less kick Whites out altogether. It is in their best interest to at least return to a system that was in place right after the end of apartheid where everyone was gaining wealth and a Black middle class was forming (it has been mostly destroyed by now). But we know that humans don’t work that way. Diversity does not work. It seems South Africa has but a few paths. Either they decline into Zimbabwe-like standards and run the Whites out, or they balkanize, or they return to an extremely strict republic, one where the masses will not rule over all the minorities like the Bantus do today.

I hate to say it, but I’m afraid all paths lead to war as the Afrikaners will not allow a genocide on themselves and many refuse to abandon South Africa just as us Southerners aim to live and die in the South. The last option is unlikely to happen as the country is run by Marxists who will not relinquish control or lose control unless a mass movement takes place in the Bantu population which seems just as unlikely as the anti-hood culture in America going mainstream or Black Americans realizing the Democrat party doesn’t actually give a damn about them. That said, if war breaks out, America’s only honorable option is to join in on the Afrikaner’s side or intervene against the government which would be more of a regime change operation than a South African civil war, which I’m not all that sure would be desirable seeing how Iraq turned out. Our bureaucrats are sure to turn it into just another Anti-White state that will repeat the process within 30 years.

But if things do get too bad, we will have no choice but to intervene and either establish a seperate Afrikaner state that may or may not involve the Coloured regions (mixed races), or an apartheid state which will never happen.

After seeing these options laid out, I believe the only reasonable one is to split the Afrikaners and Coloureds (who are oppressed as well due to the rampant crime rate) into a seperate country. The Bantus are exploiting their numbers to legally become the dominant power and only power in the country. How as a just nation could we allow them to oppress and ethnically cleanse an entire country, especially when it’s counterproductive to all parties involved? First step first is to grant refugee status to any Whites that do want to leave, then we must become the guardian of the Afrikaner people. They are brothers to America by blood and allies to the South by their geo-political position. The Afrikaners resemble Whites in every way except that they are more liberal than we are. They are extremely Christian, family oriented, and are experiencing an erasing of their culture and people themselves. We can’t allow for them to wither away into nothingness. If they are granted refugee status, I would even go so far as to encourage Southern governors to take them in as they would make a fine addition to our nation.

The Afrikaner’s interests are in the South’s interests. We should work to develop this relationship and use our power in the United States government to strengthen it by elevating America to protector status of that ethnic group as a whole. Whether Trump will ever go that far is up for debate and only time will tell, but this is what we should aim towards. Let’s be glad he is at least aware of the situation.

We still have power in America and we should use it in our interests.

Being brothers in Christ and blood is not something to be neglected and is a sacred bond. Let’s not stand by as the Afrikaners are persecuted.


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