The most wretched and treasonous quislings of our time has finally died. John McCain has finally passed on after years of keeping us waiting and hopping for his demise. He seemed to take an insidious pleasure in damaging any positive progress that Trump might make, and thus the demented old pile of filth had managed to hold on a few more months just to attack Trump. We all remember when he came strutting into congress to vote down the GOP’s replacement of Obamacare. His smug and arrogant thumb down that shocked even his fellow GOP Senators. McCain was the Golden Goy of the Jewish Zionist elite. The “Maverick” loved starting wars for young Americans to die in. McCain was hellbent into getting us in World War 3 with Russia so that a new generation of White men could be butchered for no reason other than to bring loot to the profiteers. Then there was his joke of a campaign in 2008 against the Kenyan, which he embarrassingly lost, maybe on purpose as a grand gesture of virtue signaling. McCain also sold out his fellow soldiers in the war and had to be pardoned by “Dirty Dick” Nixon to avoid the firing squad. He also tried regular basis to get America into bloody wars which would have cost the country thousands of lives. His last major attempt was scorning Trump for making peace with North Korea. McCorpse, as we probably should call him now, also really wanted to kill the Syrian leader Assad. I’m sure President Assad is feeling relief today. I was for disgusted when McCain was sadistcally licking his filthy lips no doubt having a wet dream about pulling a Libya style regime change on the Syrian President. McCain was also one of the biggest supporters of open borders and amnesty in the GOP. McCain was hellbent on flooding America with millions of non-Whites. If John McCain had his way we’d either be all dead by now from nuclear fall out after World War 3 or would have all of South America imported to America. John McCain died a traitor to his race and country and the only hero who died was his gallant tumor. Why should we shed tear for a hardcore blood thirsty war hawk who made it his mission to crush racism and bigotry (codewords for White people)? If you don’t think this is so just remember that George Soros himself tweeted saying McCain was “a brave warrior for human rights”. I say good riddance to bad rubbish.


Reminder he called us traitors while ignoring actual traitors like Antifa

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