Four days ago, just a few days after Silent Sam was toppled, the Yankee colony in North Carolina reared its ugly head again. This time, a 10-year-old schoolboy did the unthinkable; he called his teacher “ma’am”. After she instructed him not to call her that, he did it again out of habit. The teacher then punished him by making him write ma’am across a sheet of paper with another sheet that explained the definition of the word. The teacher later said that she would have thrown something at him had she been able to. The parents were rightfully furious. The boy reportedly returned home disappointed and ashamed. The good deed his parents had successfully installed in him was now seen by him as a sin and wrong. See the fulle story here.

While it hasn’t been verified that she is one, it’s safe to say that this teacher was indeed a Yankee. Yankees are the people who find the word ma’am offensive because they believe it implies that they are old or whatnot. All “ma’am” is is a recognition of authority and/or respect. Whatever the reason, it only shows their idiocy and ignorance to our culture. Yankees have no manners. They don’t use common courtesies such as, “excuse me” and “thank you”. In this case, they misinterpret our mannerisms and attack us for them. No other people does this like they do, because the Yankees realize it is a big part of Southern culture and as such, must be cleansed.

Cultural Genocide is what it is. The Yankee culture is the culture we are heading for, and no sane man, Yankee or Southern, believes the Yankee one is superior, because it’s not. It is a culture filled with rules where there shouldn’t be and no rules where there should be some.

This is our future, dear Southerner. It is one where your children are ridiculed just for being polite. Soon, I imagine, they will be ridiculed and punished for speaking without the permission of a Yankee. They seek to become our masters as the teacher is to the schoolboy. They aim to “correct us” to assimilate into their culture. Well, Yankee, we don’t need any correcting.

What we have here is a hostile culture that is coming and exploiting our overly tolerant culture. We are being colonized, and very successfully too. The Yankee Problem will have to addressed and dealt with sooner or later, hopefully sooner. All immigration from the North must be stopped or this story will not be unique but will happen every day.

We need to develop a strong Southern identity separate from the Yankees. No more being polite to rude Yankees. They have relinquished that right. No more treating them on the same level as Southerners. Our people should come first, not others. When you hear of the story of the Pilgrims or other Northern stories, do not identify with them and especially don’t present them to your children before Southern stories; they may be American but they are not Southern. Instead of celebrating the Pilrgims’ success, we ought to celebrate the success of Jamestown. When you hear the harsh Yankee tongue on a stranger, distance yourself from them. And when you hear the Southern one on a stranger, greet them and socialize.

Southerners are you kin, and if we aren’t already all intertwined by blood, we will be within a hundred more years. That is, if we haven’t been displaced by the Latino and Yankee migrants that despise us so much.

If you want your children to be punished for their heritage, culture, and traditions, then go right on ahead and welcome the Yankees as any of 1st-world migrants. If you don’t want that and instead want the opposite, learn to despise the Yankee carpetbaggers as they do you. They don’t want Southern culture to survive, and if that means flooding Dixie with Latino migrants and Yankee transplants, then they’ll do it. You can not be friends with people like this. It’s like hugging a bear and praying said bear will not kill you. Your efforts to make them assimilate are in vain and will never succeed on a large scale.

Northern culture sprouted from a different people and culture than ours. Our ancestors came primarily from Northumbria, Southern England, France, and Scotland. The Yankees on the other hand came from East Anglia and the Midlands of England. Germans, Scandinavians, Italians, and Irishmen complimented them later. This is not the Southern way. We are not a nation of immigration but one of emigration. The western Southland was founded not by immigrants from Europe, but from settlers mostly from already established Southern states.

If we ever become a nation of immigrants, it will be the day when our nation hardly exist; it will be the day our nation is no longer the South but one of Yankee transplants. North Carolina’s fifth-column has to be turned back just like Virginia’s and Georgia’s. If we aren’t careful, we’ll lose North Carolina. Then South Carolina and Georgia will go, followed by Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, etc.

Fight for our homeland. Don’t let it fade away because of naive optimism. Dixie is too precious for that.


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  1. This is bad, and it is why, when people address my wife and me, I request they do not use the pronoun, ‘You Guys.’ We are a ‘y’all’, NOT a you guys. I also dislike hearing the word, ‘freakin”. If you want to cuss, then go ahead and do so, instead of employing some Pharisaical trick.

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