It’s finally happening. Somewhere in the emasculated, degenerative, cesspool of rubbish that is Western Europe, people have finally stood up and not just protested, but taken action. A year ago, it would have been insane to think that the Germans would be the first to do this, but alas, in the city of Chemnitz in Eastern Germany, Germans have rallied in massive numbers and shown the foreign invaders that they are not welcome and that their stay in Europe is coming to an end.

It started after a German man was stabbed along with two others. The brawl included men of Middle Eastern backgrounds, most notably a 23-year-old Syrian and 22-year-old Iraqi. This is what you get with diversity, ethnic violence that ends in bloodshed. Germans have endured this nonsense on a massive scale since the migrant crisis began but also before. A people can only endure oppression for so long before they finally revolt. Now they have gathered in the city to pay the migrants back at least a little.

On Sunday, 800 rightwingers showed up and marched through the town. They intimidated the Middle Eastern migrants that commit so many crimes and take so many resources to cater to. The next day, the crowd grew to 6,000 people and 1,500 counter-protesters showed up as well. Initially it was peaceful but leftist counter-protesters did what they do best which is stir up violence and blame the right for it. Later, four patriots were ambushed on their way home by 15-20 people, undoubtedly migrants. Excitingly, the Turkish migrants have even confessed to being terrified, as they should be. The fact that the migrants commit murders, like the one that began this whole ordeal, on such a large scale against Germans is evidence that they must be put in their place or else they will just continue.

Germany’s rightwing AfD party has grown since the last Federal election, gathering 17.5% of the vote, up from about 12%. The right has also grown enough to mobilize as it has at Chemnitz. The future for Germany seems hopeful and their rightwing’s goals are clear. Grow the movement out of Eastern Germany and into the West. But what how does this relate to the South?

Here in the South, we should follow the German rightwing’s lead and organize marches like this when our own kind is killed. Blacks have a horrible crime problem and many are never given true justice, so I say the least we can do is organize some marches and let them know that we won’t have it. Illegals and Hispanics too. Southerners are not emasculated and we can do this if we only commit and put our foot down. Enough is enough.

Enough about the traitor, Mollie Tibbetts, remember the White baby that was burned alive in Louisiana? I reckon that would be a prime place to start. A march through a few select streets and neighborhoods with plenty of patriots should do it. If it doesn’t and the Blacks have the balls to commit another heinous crime against innocent children or our people, then we will only step up our actions. A society with no standards is no society at all; likewise, a society that refuses to dispense justice asks for injustice.

When rape epidemics raged across the South, our ancestors put an end to it, something the courts couldn’t and wouldn’t do. If we want justice in a land where murderers can get just 5 years in prison, with 10 years being the average, we’ll have to give it ourselves and that starts by us putting our foot down and demonstrating. If we just sit and whine nothing will get done and our genocide will keep rolling on as it has been in the last 20 years. Do you want that?

I assume not. So next time a murder against our people happens, let’s stand up and put an end to it, something the useless courts refuse to do.


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