A common trend in the West is our tendency to fix non-issues that are either extremely irrelevant or do not matter in the longterm. We can see this with the recent “Scallop Wars” just 12 miles off the coast of Normandy, France. English fishermen have essentially been accused of hogging the local supply which is claimed to be an attack on French fishermen.

While the French are justified in reacting as it is logically their waters, the true attack on French fishermen, much less the French in their entirety, would be the migrants that have invaded their country. While the French fishermen have chosen to solve the issues with the English, they neglect to solve issues with the Arab and African migrants that have created no-go zones in Paris and have before even barricaded and sectioned off sectors of the city to declare themselves independant.

The same can be seen when it comes to Ireland. IRA fanatics will dedicate their lives to fighting the British but won’t dare fight the migrants that will eclipse the Irish entirely, something the British never even tried outside of Northern Ireland. Why would you want to fight fellow Europeans even if they are your rivals when you could be dedicating time and resources to resisting the invaders that will completely displace your people?

We do the same here in the South. Instead of addressing legal immigration, we hack on illegal immigration, constantly professing we aren’t racist. We also ignore the Yankee problem, choosing to believe that they are not hostile to us and do not wish to wipe out our culture. We chalk up any attacks on our heritage as nothing more than Marxists and haters.

Another grand example would be how so many rightwingers almost exclusively hark on feminists. Doing that however, is beating a dead horse, which is why I never care to listen or complain about them unless I need to. Feminists are such an obscure section of society that it almost seems irrelevant and a waste of time to even address them. Yes, I’m sure some sad and lonely no-lifes do hate men, but if only a few thousand are insane enough to do that, our time should be spent addressing other issues like the invasion of our lands indoctrination of our youth, destruction of our culture, or the powers that be.

For the French, they have the right to tell the English off, so to speak, but they should also recognize their right to tell the Arabs and Africans off. Instead of getting angry at fellow Westerners that are not actually attacking our identity like Yankees do Southerners, we ought to focus on foreign groups that threaten us.

For example, it’s easy for a North Carolinian to get mad at Virginia for toll roads going into Virginia. Why would they want to tax a fellow Southern state? Thing is, it’s such a minor issue, having to pay a grand total of no more than $15, that your time would be better spent lamenting about and addressing the fact that your own state has marxist invaders that take down statues that the common man wants, as well as the fact that entire sections of both states have been reconstructed. Or the fact that wages are being lowered because of the massive influx of Latinos that will work for half of what a self-respecting White man would.

How silly is it for Germany to complain about the hypothetical trespasses of their border by, say, the Czechs, when their borders have clearly been trespassed on a much larger scale by a different group entirely, the Turks, Arabs, and African migrants.

The French and Irish have a right to complain against the English, but England is not oppressing either currently. Those who are would be the deadbeat migrants that do little more than form gangs and bully helpless natives. While the French fishermen are attacking English vessels to gain control of the supply in the Baie de la Seine, their daughters are being kidnapped, trafficked, raped, assaulted, and murdered by the ever so loving “refugees” who we all know are not refugees at all. While the IRA (what little still exists) is fighting to reconquer Northern Ireland for Ireland itself, Irish families in Dublin are being harrassed by African street gangs that not even the emasculated police can deal with.

Don’t get me wrong, minor-problems should be addressed, but they should come second to the major ones, not first. Addressing the minor issues before the major issues is simply counterproductive. Of course, when it comes to talking, we can take on all issues as we have plenty of time to talk and discuss, but when it comes to action, we better pick our fights wisely. It’s not often that we get 6,000 protesters at a rally in Germany. Imagine if Chemnitz wound up like Charlottesville and wasn’t over immigration. It would have been wasted — not to say Charlottesville was a waste, though it did do us harm as well as good. If we expend our manpower on something as silly as a neighboring country’s right to waters off our coast while our countrymen are being killed by the foreign enclaves in our country, we’ll never get anywhere and our movement will die before it truly gets off the ground. This brings me to infighting which we have a horrible time with. Many so called “fascists” in our movement routinely attack those who advocate for a less authoritarian government. We cannot allow our movement to dissolve in petty competitions when we are fighting for the same things on the vast majority of other issues.

We are in a state of total war and as such we cannot afford to spend our efforts against small and insignificant enemies like the French do with the English and like Neo-Cons do with Feminists. We cannot afford to fight within our ownselves as fascists do with, say, monarchists or rightwing populists. This is about survival and we had best unite if we wish to achieve that.

We have bigger fish to fry, to say the least.


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