Ever have that feeling you’ve been somewhere before, yet, reasonably know you have not – or, at least, not in this lifetime?
Well, what would you say if I told you that a Federal Government-loving Black had just been positioned to compete for the governor’s office in a Southern State – in this case the state of Florida; and that he had been fully endorsed and backed by a New England Carpetbagger and bankrolled by a billionaire New York Yankee who are both hellbent to make us bend our knee to extinction and Black domination.

Sounds like you are in a horrible dream? Well, you are not. Nope, with the win of Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum, this week in The Sunshine State, what you are seeing is a point by point literal recreation of the situation that led to The War of Reconstruction in 1865.

Nope, you just cannot mistake this.

Yes, here we have a big-government loving Negro, Mr. Andrew Gillum, who, drafted to run and endorsed by the Jewish Carpetbagger Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in order to pass out lots of hard earned White Southern money for all the lowly rabble. I’m sure the “minorities” will eagerly participate in the never ending Judeo-Yankee & US Government endorsed reconstruction of Florida.

And, yes, this whole operation bankrolled by a living ghost from The Union League – New York Yankee Mr. Tom Steyer – the man the of ‘We Must Impeach Trump Fame’!

Nope folks, you just cannot make this stuff up. Once again it’s the Visiting Team of Carpetbaggers, Negroes, and Scalawag White Ignoramuses, (as the Scarlet NC Knights used to say) against those natives in Florida who wish to self rule themselves.

Perhaps not uncoincidentally either, we see a very similar situation for the Governor’s Office in Georgia. White Southerner Brian Kemp is running on a plank of local control for local men – the very essence of what it means to be Confederate, and, indeed, American, as our Southern Forefathers rightfully intended.

Who’s Mr. Kemp’s foe?

A Big Government loving redistribute-what-power-is-left in the hands of White Southerners to everyone else in the state who ain’t Whitey kind of Negress, Miss Stacey Abrams.

Hell, this is all so eerily reminiscent of 1865 that even the presidential situation is similar – a sitting president who, though a Federalist, is completely allied to The White Southern Man (Andrew Johnson in the case of 1865 and now Donald J. Trump in present day) and, spookier yet, a man who, ironically, has a remarkably similar to the two of his predecessors, listed here.

The only thing yet missing from these historical scenarios is the White Southern Man.

How long he remains missing, is yet to be revealed.

Hopefully, for the sake of our beloved Southland, he will be seen at the polls in early November.

By Ivan Turgenev




  1. It does seem like a dream – a very very bad one. What say ye, My Fellow Southerners – shall we continue to dream this nightmare, or will we break the mould and the shackles?

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