There once existed a generation of men like no other. Filled with asperations of honor, chivalry, and moral decency alien to the current generations of men, they strove to make a name for themselves and their family in the sparsely populated backcountry of the Old South. They aspired to secure for themselves and their descendants a nation like the world had not known for centuries. One built on the knightly afore22223mentioned ideals.

These men were not so emasculated like our current race of men and so when push came to shove, they took up the flag of their dear home and fought gallantly to repel the invaders that sought to subjegate them so. They fought hard in those four years, perhaps harder than any other people had fought in any other war since the Gauls did when fighting for their independance and survival against Rome. Perhaps they even fought harder than those noble Celts.

This generation, of course, was the Southern generation that was born from 1820-1850. Tales from their members come in the form of frontiersmen like Nathan Bedford Forrest, who hunted that damned panther that so terrorized his mother and later rose from the Mississippi woodlands to lead one of the most successful and motivating careers of any Confederate. It’s filled with tales like that of great men like that of Daniel Boone and Patrick Cleburne, the latter of which died not wanting to witness the horrors and destruction that came after the war.

Today’s men simply are not as great as these and for the foreseeable future, won’t be. Simply look at how we are humiliated every day. Fools are made out of us as millions of immigrants flood in yearly. Our women are taken, our land and birthright tarnished, our generosity spat on as our countrymen are killed by barbaric and hostile people the likes of the Louisiana animal that killed poor baby, Levi Ellerbe. Most of us seem to have absolutely no concept of honor or for that matter, protecting it, though a certain segment of an interview of Patrick Little gave me hope

I was unable to find the interview in question, though I will link to where I found it here. Little’s part starts at about the 30 minute mark. Little and some other wimp whose name I do not care to know were arguing and Little was essentially accused of acting like a “little girl”. Little reacted to this by calling the man out on his claim and even challenging him to step into the ring with him. This is characteristic of a healthy society where men stand up for themselves. All of Western civilization has been organized like this for its entire existence except for the past few decades. When the other man who seems to be a bit of a soyboy regarded Little’s challenge as childish, he only made it apparent that he was a coward with all bark, no bite. But Little is an outlier, an exception, and most Western men today would only resort to violence in self-defense of themselves, not their country, liberties, or women.

No sane generation would stand for this, not even in the hope that we could redeem ourselves through elections. A sane generation would show that they will not tolerate such attrocities like little Levi. The barbarians would be put down and thrown out, but alas, our generation believes it unthinkable to ever take real action.

Nowadays, White Southern men have fallen from their former selves, no longer opting to teach their sons about honor and chivalry. Now they teach their sons to run away from responsibility. To abandon their own sons and wives. To abandon their nation, birthright, and heritage. What respectable fathers do teach their sons not to abandon responsibility fail to teach them honor, self-respect, and decency and so they spend their time smoking weed, nodding off to heroine, getting high on cocaine, knocking up random girls, and generally destroying any hope for a future beyond a lonely life with a child from a broken marriage and no sense of direction. They will die feeling that all they have really done is avoid being called racist. But they will be easily forgotten, unlike the patriots of old.

Yankee families are worse at this of course. What fathers do stay abuse their children by teaching them to be complete pansies that suck up to the invaders. Their sons are taught to submit fully to Black anger, wearing shirts titled with “So sorry”. How pathetic.

The fact that these people even exist is evidence of how far American culture as a whole has fallen. Not even Yankees acted like this with no sense of honor back in the 19th Century. Of course, it was never like the Southern sense of honor in intensity or endurance of leftist cleansing.

But it doesn’t have to be this way and as a new generation carves itself out, only time will tell if the misfortunes will be reversed. Will Generation Z and the generations after it stand up and redeem our dear homeland? Or will they be the generation that finally loses it? The war for the South never ended and the physical fighting was really just the beginning.

The odds are against us as they were our ancestors but that should never dishearten, much less stop us. The South is all we have. If we wish to keep it, it’s time we mobilize and do something instead of sitting around twiddling our thumbs as the Latino and Yankee race pours in and Blacks murder us one by one. No Southerner should be sleeping around. No Southerner should be listening to rap and breeding with Blacks as if it doesn’t matter. No Southerners should be apolitical, marxist, or excessively libertarian. Total devotion to God and our noble cause is desperately needed.

We truly did lose something along the way. Our honor has been completely dissolved and nothing shows us that more than the fact that we now have ranks of our people asking hostile Blacks for forgiveness. This would never happen in the Old South, not even with the most masochistic of Southerners.

It’s time we all pick up the flag of Southern Nationalism and fight for our place in the world. It’s time we learn and teach the true history of great men like our ancestors and quit forsaking them as evil racists that we only love because they are our ancestors. They were not evil and you should not allow Yankees to convince you otherwise. It’s time we teach our sons to have not just decency and purpose, but honor and ambition. It’s time we strive to become the best versions of ourselves. It’s time we pick up where they left off and continue the fight instead of letting the Yankee imperialists dictate when and how we will be erased from this good continent. We shall be known as the great giant, awakening from his peaceful slumber, or we shall not be known at all. Our memory can live and prosper or wither and die. Don’t allow yourself to be forgotten

As ol’ Forrest once said, “I’ve got not respect for a young man who won’t join the colors”



  1. Yes, this is all true, BUT, I’ll say this : every problem has an answer. Instead of being focuset on how our motivations have changed, we need to be focuset on how to interact with the new motivations to acquire the desired end-result. I believe that having candidates consistently run for office is the correct way – this because it will radically raise our profile, normalize our dissident themes in the Mainstream, increase the financial wherewithal. If we do not get into the mainstream political processes, it will be all moot – no matter how elegant is our prose or how noble are our hearts. 20 years ago, ‘Le Front Nationale’ was eentsy-weentsy in France – last year it fielded a main candidate, Miss Marine Le Pen, running for president. Perhaps it will go quicker for us, as it has for Salvini’s Northern League or Germany’s AfD, BUT, whatever the case – this must be the path. We cannot remain crawling around on the margins and get anywhere.

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