The Southern Democrats had been waiting for the day when the National Democratic Convention would arrive. The Convention would ultimately decide their fate as a region and people. For the Dixiecrat, it was time to either drop Truman off the ballot, they hoped for assumed moderate on the civil right issue like Eisenhower to be nominated, or bolt (they hoped for assumed moderate on the civil right issue like Eisenhower to be nominated). To the Southern party loyalist, it was time to air their grievance and hopefully get a compromise and if not, they would follow the party blindly. There was also another group involved in this political contest, that being the Northern Democrats. The Northern Democrats were the leftwing of the party. They were the ones pushing Truman to advocate for (so called) civil rights. The ugly head of the Yankee egalitarian would reappear in full force in Philadelphia. Once again, they would feel the urge to force their socialist utopian way of thinking upon the Southland. The Northern Liberals wanted to use the War (WWII) to redefine America and its democracy, just like they did after the War of Northern Aggression. Truman, being the one-sided fool he was, cared far more about what the Leftist Yankee thought than the Southerner. He knew that arch leftist Henry Wallace, who was running third party, posed a massive threat in splitting the liberal Democratic vote. Wallace was an avowed negrophile whose Progressive Party was inundated with verminous Reds and Pinkos. The liberal wing of the party, despite Truman’s cucking on Civil rights, wanted more. They were also upset that he called himself an “anti-communist”. How Truman could be pushing the agenda of social equality professed by Marx, while being an “anti-communist” is beyond me. Like today’s liberals they would never be satisfied with one’s cucking. They smelt Truman’s weakness and now they would never stop demanding more from him. He foolishly gave the left an inch and they took a mile (as they always do). Truman was a very weak-willed man.

Negro tries to unseat Mississippi Anti-Truman Delegates

Before the Convention began there was already difficulties for the State Right’s Democrats, as they had to deal with a challenge to their seats as delegates to the convention. Multiple groups of scalawags and Blacks in South Carolina and Mississippi were claiming that they should have a spot in the state delegations during the National Convention. These Black interest groups claimed to be Democrat, yet refused to sign the forms to become party members in Mississippi. The Blacks cried afoul that the White men of Mississippi didn’t want nor allowed them in their party. Sure, the Mississippi Democrats wanted them to be kept out of the party, but for good reason. These Blacks didn’t believe in any of the principles of the Democratic Party nor was the party created for them. So why exactly should they have been allowed to vote in their primaries or sit on their state delegations? Well, according to the PDP, America’s actions in World War II gave them the right to democracy as well as the Constitution. In fact, this was one of the main justifications for expansion of “civil rights”. When we examine both arguments, we can see them both to be false. So, what if Blacks fought in World War Two? I don’t doubt many of these Black soldiers were brave but that doesn’t mean they should be handed the reigns to the Democratic Party. Instead I’ve already explained previously that the War had not been to save our freedom. White Southerners also served in the war (like brave Governors Herman Talmadge & Thurmond), and they certainly weren’t fighting for universal suffrage and their own disfranchisement from their party.

“According to [Langston] Hughes-and this is where the negro mind and blood asserts itself- World War 2 was fought for that purpose of mongrelizing White America. If the South and the decent, self-respecting white people of the rest of the Nation had ever entertained the slightest suggestion that World War 2 was fought to integrate the negro into white America, we would have had a nationwide rebellion against the conscription of the 12,000,000 or more men and women who marched and fought in the uniform of our country in order to win this war.” – US Senator and Governor of Mississippi, Theodore Bilbo

The argument about the Constitution was also invalid, as the amendments they spoke of were brutally forced upon the South during the dark days of radical Republican Reconstruction. Thomas Jefferson certainly wouldn’t be aboard the idea of letting Blacks take over his former party or this nation. Jefferson, a slaveowner, though he was against slavery in principle, would rather see Blacks as slaves than on equal status as Whites.

Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free; nor is it less certain that the two races equally free. Cannot live in the same government” – Thomas Jefferson on equality

Blacks in the South at this time as well now had a higher standard living than most of the world. Blacks in Africa were more likely to be killed in a military conflict or of disease than any Black in Dixie was of getting lynched. The States’ Righters knew this and were able to block the Blacks from usurping their convention seats.


Convention Battle
When the convention began the tension was already high as Northern Liberals and Southern Conservatives were determined to fight it out. The Southern delegates called for a states’ rights provision to be added to the Democratic platform. They intended to bring the party back to its Jeffersonian roots. This was (of course) met with triggered outrage from the Northern liberals. They were the ones who had advocated for years that the federal government be enlarged, and that states’ rights were a thing from a shameful past. The Wisconsin Yankee, Andrew Biemiller, took to the floor to grandstand and talk up the useful idiot, Truman. Beimiller gave typical leftist talk about equality and (artificial) equal rights in his disgusting attempt to rile up his fellow egalitarian scumbags. Then the Yankee windbag Humphrey took to the floor.
“Sensing the convention’s momentum and hoping to capitalize on it, Humphrey ascended to the podium. He fervently implored the party faithful to fulfill the Democratic promise. “There will be no hedging, and there will be no watering down . . . of the instruments and principles of the civil rights program,’’ he promised. “There are those who say to you – we are rushing this issue of civil rights,” Humphrey declared. “I say we are a hundred and seventy-two years late… The time has arrived for the Democratic party to get out of the shadows of states’ rights and walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights” (The Dixiecrat Revolt 129).

Yankee Negrophile Humphrey after his speech

Humphrey had basically spit in the face of the South. The power hungry negrophile knew it. The convention hall, after hearing the conceited negrophile’s speech, were fully under the spell of humanism and false egalitarianism. The states’ rights proposal was rebuked…not just by yankees but by the rest of our supposed “fellow countrymen”. The constant propaganda push for manufactured “equality” had been successful in moving the minds of the rest of the nation. Furthermore, the Briemiller-Humphrey resolution passed. Once passed, cheers of the hundreds of blind witlings celebrated with glee. The imbeciles could now see the dream given to them by the propaganda of the Jew controlled press fulfilled. Handy Ellis, who was chairperson of the Alabama delegation, and Bull Connor both called out to convention chairman Sam Rayburn. The Alabamians began waving their red cross state banner and roared with fierce defiance. Ellis then yelled out to Conner, “Holler like hell, Bull-Holler!” Bull made sure to make Ellis and Alabama proud. “The Montgomery Adviser reported that “Bull was hollering like the devil’s own loudspeaker . . . [and] looked like he would bust. His eyes popped out. The mighty vocal cords swelled up, blue and purple and scarlet, in his open shirt”. The Texan, Rayburn, surprisingly ignored them. Rayburn however recessed the convention until the evening. When the convention returned at seven the South was steaming for a fight. Rayburn finally recognized Ellis this time. Ellis informed the chairmen that his delegates would not vote for Truman or any Republican. Ellis then finished his argument to the yankeefied convention and ended it with a stern “we bid you good bye”. Half the Alabama delegates then bravely marched out of the convention hall. The manly Mississippi delegation led by Governor Wright then immediately followed their Southern brethren’s example and marched out too. The Yankees and other weak-minded dolts in the galleries began hissing and hurling vicious insults at the intrepid Dixie delegates. When Ellis passed the Wisconsin negrophiles, one insolent yankee swine yelled out, “Good riddance. We’ll win in November without you.” Ellis responded unsympathetically said back to the conceited Yank, “The hell you will”. Harry Truman won’t get $5.00 from the White people in Alabama to help his campaign.” The gallery was filled to the brim with recalcitrant lemmings of to the gutless national party. The Mississippi delegate Weaver Gore said to the crowd “Look-a her,” showing the knife strapped to his waist, “no son-of-a-bitch better put his hands on me.” None dared to do so.

Alabama delegates having enough


With the entire Mississippi delegation and half the Alabama delegation gone, the rest of the Southern men in the convention tried to hold their ground against the anti-Southern convention hall. The rest of the Southern delegates were united on the convention floor against the craven Truman. The Georgian delegation acted and nominated their native son, Senator Richard B. Russell. The band then struck up Dixie at that point the Southern delegates went to work trying to get him nominated. Senator Russell was no doubt the best man to pick as Presidential nominee. “Dick” Russell was our guy. He was well known for his honor and Southern gentleman ways. Governor Thurmond took to the podium to second Russell and gave an astounding speech for the nomination of Russell for president. Thurmond reminded the convention that the South was “deeply & concerned” over the fate of the nation. He wanted the nation to return to its original founding principles laid out by visionary Founding Father, and true Southerner, Thomas Jefferson. He gallantly told the national convention what he stood for and what the South was about. The Southerners clapped and yelled their support while the filthy reprobate Yankees hissed and booed. The Southern delegates were united behind the great Senator. The Southerners, during their two-hour session on the floor, tried to win over the rest of the nation. The rest of the national delegates obdurately refused to listen to reason. They preferred pandering to the Black and virtue signaling, rather than the actual Constitution. They wanted to show the World how we were embracing “true democracy”. Russell, despite managing to pull 263 votes (all from Dixie), lost easily to Truman’s 926 votes. Truman would be the national Democratic nominee for President of the United States in 1948. The Southerners felt more isolated and alone than since the post war Reconstruction era. They had been rebuked by the rest of the brainwashed, short-sighted nation. Northern liberals had utterly taken control of the party. In hindsight, they should have pushed for Secession and Southern Independence. The rest of the nation was heading down the road to destruction, led blindly by the blatant myth of “human equality”. The Southerners were, at least by 1948, the only ones to see through this egalitarian hogwash. To the east and west coast liberals, the South was a road block to achieving the “pure democracy” …they had declared won the day in 1945. They honestly didn’t care what the South believed in because they thought they could ignore as political force. Governor Wright realized this, Governor Fielding Wright would write to ex Alabama Gov Frank Dixon after the convention that “The chips are down. The die is cast. We must make Birmingham the beginning of our … fight to save the South”.

Link to Thurmond’s speech for Russell’s nomination


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