Brazil is currently in the middle of an interesting change. The country for years has been held down by leftist corruption and miscegenation of the races. Jair Bolsonaro, an ex-army officer, is trying to restore order and tradition to the country of Brazil. He is running strong as front runner for the upcoming election for president of Brazil. Bolsonaro is a man who pulls no punches. He has boldly challenged the Marxist narrative in Brazil. He has called out the leftist controlled education system for pushing homosexuality on the youths of his country. He’s challenged the communist thugs and blacks wanting reparations for slavery. He’s strongly for guns and the right to self defense, which are basically banned in Brazil by the left-wing government. Here’s a few quotes by Mr Bolsonaro.

“Pinochet should have killed more people”

“You’ll change nothing in this country by voting; absolutely nothing. You’ll change something, unhappily, when we go into a civil war here someday and do a work the military regime didn’t, killing as much as 30 thousand people, starting with FHC.”

“I defend torture. A drug dealer who acts on the streets against our children must to be immediately put on a pau-de-arara. There would be no human right in this case. There would be pau-de-arara, beating. The same thing for kidnappers. The guy must to be broken to open his mouth.”

This man is Duterte level of great.

Most importantly he’s gaining popular support and traction in Brazil. He is being carried on the shoulders of his joyous supporters. He has built that charismatic connection with his people that is necessary to become a great leader. He’s mastered the art of high energy, something US politicians need to desperately work on. For his greatness he still has those who hate him, including the blood thirsty communists and the Brazil establishment media. On Thursday, they even tried to assassinate him during a rally. A lowly cowardly communist, hiding in the crowd, stabbed him while he was being carried along by a crowd of cheering fans.


Bolsonaro has luckily survived his viscous wounding, despite a large amount of blood loss (I’ve heard reports of 40% loss). Now, Bolsonaro is a martyr and can campaign on the fact that he personally has been targeted by Marxist thuggery. Now, he can continue his righteous crusade to save Brazil from Marxist chaos and destruction. Bolsonaro now has a decent chance to become the next president of Brazil. This should be a White Pill to all the doom and gloom pessimists who say we should all throw in the towel. Brazil is by no means an ethno-state and as stated before has suffered severe race mixing. We should remember that just a week ago a famous historical national museum of Brazil was burned to the ground, with hundreds of priceless artifacts turned to ashes. If Brazil can be redeemed by Bolsonaro than individual Southern states can be saved. If there’s hope for a third world favela like Brazil than surely Dixieland can be retaken. Just think of what could happen if we ran five or four candidates on the gubernatorial level. I mean serious Southern Nationalist or at least “Neo-Confederates” candidates. Candidates who know when to restrain their responses and how to simplify the messagefor the mass of Southern normies .We are already seeing it play out effectively with Corey Stewart’s Senate run in Virginia. Corey has already been driving the transplants and media in Virginia and abroad crazy.


I should add the disclaimer that I’m not advocating that we just put all efforts into politics. The system can’t be reformed. The corrupt system however can be broken and beaten into submission and forced to serve a strong and commanding master. Bolsonaro is that strong master that the hellhole, called Brazil, desperately needs. Trump could have been that master in America if he took the appropriate heavy handed measures. We should keep careful watch and be taking notes on Bolsonaro’s righteous crusade down in Brazil.



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