When I first heard that Stacey Abrams was calling for the removal of Stone Mountain I thought she was just trying to ride the media-pushed Charlottesville backlash. We all remember the mass hysteria the media had. Don’t get me wrong though, I know she wants to (remove the Mountain) but I didn’t think she’d try to keep this unpopular plan going. The brown clown fully intends to make this an issue in the campaign for the Governorship of Georgia. She was recently filmed on camera, at a interview at a Columbus newspaper headquarters, defiantly defending her previous remark on Stone Mountain. She really wants the Mountain removed. This gluttonous imbecile went on to say that the Confederate themed Mountain stands for domestic White terror and the suppression of Black people and other minorities. Some of her exact words from her idiotic interview.

“The day I answered that question [on Stone Mountain] was the day after the president of the United States said that white supremacists who murdered a young woman were the same as the activists who wanted to make sure our real history was understood.”

“It was in the wake of Charlottesville. And in the wake of Charlottesville, as an African-American woman running for governor, I was not going to equivocate about whether I think that a state monument to the Confederacy that was put up, not post-Civil War but post-Reconstruction by the authors of the new KKK in Georgia – my belief is that the state should never fund monuments to domestic terrorism….”

“I think it has to be a conversation that we have to have. Where I want to be, is that those things don’t exist. But how we get there – I’ve always worked across the aisles and across communities to figure out solutions. And so I’m open to a conversation about where we go and how we get there. But my fundamental belief is that we cannot celebrate those who celebrated the destruction and terrorism of communities of color – especially African-Americans and Jews in the state of Georgia.”

Take all this in, slowly. First off, James Alexander Fields (the alleged murderer) didn’t murder that “young activist” . That “young activist”, who was actually part of a violent blood thirsty communist lynch mob, wasn’t even hit by Field’s vehicle. Field’s was attacked and mobbed by Antifa and BLM boot boys trying to kill him and rip him out of his expensive Challenger. So, the Heather Hayer hero narrative is total rubbish. She was nothing more than a morbidly obese anti-White thug. Let’s talk about what Abram’s is saying about Stone Mountain though. She is basically saying that General Robert E Lee, General Stonewall Jackson, and President Davis were all domestic terrorists. She also perhaps accidentally showed her preference to have the South under military rule again when she mentions Reconstruction in such a positive light. She also showed who really controls her when she mentions the Jews. Georgia isn’t Germany. We have no “muh 6 million” that Abram’s can point to. The only time Georgia has targeted Jews as a group was during the Leo Frank case. A case where a wealthy Jewish pencil owner, Leo Frank, brutally raped and killed little Mary Phagan. The real reason that Abram’s brings up the Jews is that she is getting funding from them. She’s already been exposed by Brian Kemp as a growing money chest coming from “Massachusetts, New York, and California”. Abrams is trying to beat us White Georgians over the head with a history that doesn’t even exist so well-to-do Jews in Savannah and New York will throw more cash at her. She thinks that filthy tainted money will get her in the Gold Dome. Her entire backing consists of New York Jews, Californian technocrat bug-men and Massachusetts Yankees. Governor Talmadge was right to refer to these people as outsiders.

I’m really glad that Kemp had the pair to call out this outsider threat for what is was, instead of just referring to them as “Liberals”. They are liberals of course, but it’s important to know these people are foreigners. The actual amount of native Georgians that are liberal is very minuscule. Almost every liberal I have met personally are transplants or of course non-White. Most native Georgians are conservatives. This of course is the whole reason I advocate for Southern secession. People like Abrams are only able to survive (politically) with the votes of “gibs” loving Blacks and with the money of foreigners, whether Yankee or Jewish. Our whole political system in Georgia has been torn to ribbons by outside agitation by the Federal government. Our society as a whole has been ruined by hostile foreign outsiders. Kemp is 100% in saying that these outsiders are hell bent on making Georgia into the next California. They really want to finish the job they started in the 60s and completely destroy and reconstruct the State of Georgia in their own image. They want us to be just as cosmopolitan and soulless as they are. They want our blood bastardized, our statues and monuments torn down, our ancestors tombs ripped open, our identity stolen; they want us to be destroyed! They want the 3rd and final Reconstruction of Georgia to begin. They hope to begin that 3rd wave Reconstruction with Stacey Abrams. This is why the media is already grooming her as the “first woman of color” to become a US governor.


The bottom line is that Stacey Abrams is just an overrated pawn of the true enemies of Georgia. Hell, I really don’t feel personal animosity towards the brown clown. I honestly expect as much from “ a woman of color”. The people I despise and hate are the people backing her from behind the scenes. The people I really have beef with is the media, the wealthy New York elitist Jews, the anti-human technocrats of Silicon Valley and the puritanical New England Yankee. Without those people, Stacey Abrams is just another loud Black woman you’d probably see getting into a brawl at your local Chuck E Cheeses. So, let’s just do our manly duty and show up for Election Day in November and make sure Brian Kemp is elected Governor of Georgia. If he loses, than we’ll have a serious problem on our hands.




  1. Mr. Kemp is the kind of new/olde Southern Candidate, like Judge Roy Moore, which has resurfacet, after a 50 year absence.

    This is an extremely positive thing.

    Mr. Kemp is remarkably close to what we need in every state – only that he does not speak in the olde terms, as do we.

    Yet, we know he thinks that way.

    The South is the home of the Southern White Race, but, so long as we wish to outsource it’s domination to the aliens, we will be staring at uncomfortable things.

    It’s up to us, and, in y’all’s case, Georgians.

    I pray that each of y’all does his duty and organizes the largest rural turnout your state has seen since the Days of Governor Lester Maddox.

    All The South, The White South, needs to see a Kemp in office, in Georgia, particularly as Governor Bryant is stepping down in Miss’ippi.

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  2. AS to, ‘who controls Miss Stacey Abrams’? – I think no one.

    No, Sir : she is just doing as is what most Southern Negro politicians would do – trying to leverage New England Yankee United States’ Government power over Southern Whites for what she feels will benefit her people.

    There is nothing new in this story, but, rather, merely another addition in a long continuation since 18 & 65.

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