I’ve always been a social conservative at heart. I believe in tradition and Biblical based morality. So, when I found out that the Russian government has banned pornographic sites in their country, I was impressed and glad. Once again, Russia has shown itself to be the moral superior to the nihilistic West. Russia and their gallant President Putin have shown themselves to be brave defenders of traditionalism. This is a country that has managed to keep homosexuals and other perverts in their place. You won’t see any drag queens teaching pre-K students in Russia, unlike America. America, like always, is in a constant state of social revolution pushed onward by wealthy elitist and other libertine cosmopolitans, who control the media. In America so called “porn stars”, nothing more than glorified prostitutes, are lionized by the press. Think Stormy Daniels. In Russia, we’re are seeing a nationalistic state reinforce values and encouraging their people to go meet women, have heathy relationships and eventfully marry and reproduce as God intended. The modern America is all about liberalism and embracing the disgusting, deprave and irresponsible “live and let live” philosophy. We can see this in the hellhole called California where the state is trying to make sure druggies have safe needles to shoot up their vile drugs.


This shameful state of affairs is where all of America is heading, if we don’t break away from the Union. We too will be put under a one-Party state controlled by godless Democrats. The National GOP won’s save us. Those clowns can’t, or more like won’t, prosecute the violent Antifa gangs despite the fact they actively commit violence. They won’t protect our freedom of speech from hostile leftist corporations while Antifa are being funded by these same corporations. Just this week there is news coming from Infowars, who have been targeted with mass censorship over all media platforms, that President Trump has been convinced to postpone action that he was planning against online political censorship. Instead the GOP will be trying to get another big tax cut for the same corporate elite who are trying to censor us. These same Neo con dogs are the ones trying to target Russia. They tell us that Russia is the number one threat to “our democracy and liberty”. Russia isn’t the one trying to censor us, the media and establishment are. Russia isn’t railroading our guys and trying to throw them in prison for support their heritage, the leftist scourge in America are though. We have young White patriots like Jacob Goodwin and Dan Bordon rotting away in prison just because they decided they weren’t going to let a fellow White man be attacked! Russia isn’t the one holding these brave souls hostage in a gulag but instead it is the leftist riff raff in our own country. How is Russia harming us exactly? Supposedly, or according to our “reliable press”, they stopped Hillary from being elected is how. If true, which it probably isn’t, then Russia is no doubt a friend to the South.

Russia should be our greatest ally. Russia enforces and embraces a nationalistic agenda and has a strong leader who does his best to defend his people. Our so-called allies like the UK and France do not. Instead, their governments are hell-bent on replacing and shutting up their native population from rejecting the anti-White media narrative. In a Free Dixie we will remove the cancer of libertine degeneracy from our land. A Free Dixie will not tolerate rampant drug use on our city streets and will take the necessary measures to remove these lazy needle sticking lowlifes from our society. A Free Dixie will not let pedophiles and other lecherous perverts corrupt and defile our Southern youth. Russia would make a great ally to the South. Russia and the Southland both desire strong leadership and the return to nationalistic traditions. The real difference is that Russia already has a strong leader and is well on the way to greatness while Dixie is held down by the insidious Union and two-party system. We can only hope that Russia is willing to offer us a helping hand in our mission to retake the South.

Chad Russian paratroopers putting a degenerate activist in his place
Meanwhile, the US Department of Justice plays with James A Field’s life trying to use it as peace offering to Antifa


  1. I like everything you wrote, but here is the problem: the Russians are not coming to help the Southron because they do not believe we have the leadership or organization necessary to build an effective Fifth Column. The Russians invest in Insurgencies – that is a core of their strategy dating back to the mid-19th Century. Give them a viable insurgency and they will invest heavily.

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    1. Agreed, Sir. I’ve actually watched your speech at the League event in June, everyone of your necessary parts of forming a nationalist insurgency have been on my mind. Can you give me a few examples of successful nationalist insurgencies you’d suggest for study/ examples?


    2. I understand and agree, Mr. O’Brien.

      One note, however : that we approve of what Czar Vlad does and the direction he has put Russia on, is not tatamount to expecting them to rescue us.

      THAT … is something which we, and we, alone, must do for ourselves.



    No, Sir, they are not.

    Our enemy is right here, and, as such, they’ve done, and are doing, far more damage to us than ever did General William T. Sherman.

    Nope, Sherman just burned and looted property and killed our bodies – these eemies, who are in our midst, are sucking out our very souls…


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