If there is any state I can see seceding first, it would be Texas. The largest Southern state. The state with the most state pride and greatest amount of people open to the idea of secession. Texas alone can sustain itself as an independent nation. It is the only reason we’re still able to stave off a one-party Democrat state. Yet, Texas has its own problems like every other Southern state. For starters you have the Latino-Mexican problem. Texas, unlike the rest of Dixie has had to deal with the Mexican threat for years. Hell, fighting Mexico and pissing off their government Is a Texan tradition. Now, Mexicans are determined to retake their lost land from the Mexican-American war. They see Texas and most of the South West as rightfully theirs. They and their even grubbier brown brethren from South America are invading Texas (and America) in massive hordes. To make it worse is the fact that most of the people are the gutter trash of their native country. On top of this, surprisingly or maybe not, the offspring of these invaders are proving more degenerate and morally vile than their parents. Many of these young Latinos (who the media calls “New Americans”) are turning to negrophilia which is pressed on them by the American press.

Now you have these young Latinos trying to act as debased ghetto thugs. We can already see the horrible repercussions of having these foreign invaders in our country; remember Kate Steinle and Molly Tibbetts? They have already turned South Texas blue and they will continue to turn the rest of the state blue soon enough. Once that happens we’ll be ushered into an era of complete never ending Democratic national control. We’ve seen it happen in California, what’s to say it won’t happen in the Lone Star State too?

Now at this point you’d probably be getting the response from normie conservatives sounding something like this, “Trump is president though and the GOP will crush the Democrats in the midterms”. So? Where is the Wall we we’re promised? The GOP and Trump have had multiple chances to delegate money for the wall but instead they used their cards for tax cuts for the big fat cats and for Israel.


Trump has proven himself an ineffective and flip-flopping incompetent at best and a Zionist puppet at worse. Why was the 3.8 billion defense packet given to Israel and not America’s border defense? The GOP in capitol hill have repeatedly proven that they don’t care for Texas’s fate, despite the fact it is tied to their own party’s future. Texas will not survive unless it secedes. It is rapidly approaching becoming the next unofficial state of Mexico if it does not act fast. Texans must break with the GOP and embrace Texas identity. “Remember the Alamo!”

However, the cultural Marxists there are hell bent on crushing the Texan identity. Just recently in the news the Texas school boards are saying that those brave defenders of the Alamo are no longer to be considered heroes. The leftist transplants and their quisling slaves in Texas are barking for the blood of Texas heroes. They know that Texas’ days are numbered if they continue their path in the Union. They crave the day they can take the land from all White Texans and redistribute it to the “poor Hispanic immigrants”. They will not hesitate when the time comes to gut all Texas’s freedoms, and they will do so with the national governments approval and or ignoring. Seriously, what would President Trump and the GOP do if Democrats in Texas just started taking guns? They would do nothing but talk, despite having the US army at their disposal, at the end of the day they would sit on their hands. President Trump has shown himself little better than useless at keeping law and order that he promised us in 2016. If this isn’t the case than why isn’t the FBI and Justice Department charging the City of Charlottesville for mass civil rights violations against the Unite the Right activist? Yah sure, Trump isn’t directly at the head of the FBI and DOJ but he calls the shots at the end of the day. He’s president for Pete’s sake! You can’t seriously say that he some helpless goof that has no power. I guarantee that if Hillary was the President she’d have the FBI and DHS infiltrating the various far-right groups in America. Yet, Trump does nothing. The GOP ignores when their own supporters are being violently attacked by Antifa street gangs while they throw money at Israel. The GOP and Trump won’t save Texas, they won’t save the South, and they definitely won’t and haven’t “made America great again” like Trump likes to boast. Texas won’t be saved unless it secedes. If Texas even makes a serious attempt for secession it will strike up another wave of secession across Dixie. The question of whether or not they actually pull it off is irrelevant. If they can get even a non-action referendum on secession it would do us wonders. Imagine if we were able to force a Catalonia situation in Texas. Even if we have to forge an alliance with Texas civic nationalists like the Texas Nationalist Movement it is worth it. If we can spin a narrative that mixes Tea Party type rhetoric with Southern nationalism we could get an actual referendum in Texas. Many regular conservatives are fed up with the leftist insanity and they desire for real action to be taken. Once 2020 rolls around I can guarantee that we’ll see another and more intense wave of political polarization that will shake the foundations of this corrupt country. Dixie will be the hotbed of this unrest. We better prepare for what’s to come. Our only hope is a Free Dixie.

TNM have over 300,000 members. That’s a good start.

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