Things have been looking pretty good for the nationalist movement in recent years and one could understandably be excited and optimistic about our future. In Europe, Brexit succeeded (but still has yet to happen), Eastern Europe stood against the EU and its attempt to force migrants on them, and nationalist parties surged, making major headway in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Greece, and France. Nationalist parties even became dominant in Austria and Italy. We also have further hope for further redemption of our dear homeland in upcoming elections in 2019 and the following year

Back home, Donald Trump won perhaps one of the most important elections in several decades and with him our grievances, immigration, socialism, affirmative action, integration, among others are finally being addressed. Our much desired tax reforms have also been established and the economy is booming. To add on to all that, Charlottesville showed us that the Alt-Right is a force to be reckoned with and our people are finally addressing issues that need addressing.

Given all this, it seems that we have a lot to be excited about. However, rampant optimism can be dangerous and even counterproductive for our movement.

A few years ago I had just been redpilled (not yet to Southern nationalism though) from my overly libertarian ideals. My friends I had at the time held many of the ideas I did about the West, believing that minority should be repatriated and immigration halted entirely from outside of Europe. There was a difference between me and them however, I was incredibly pessimistic as our only victories at that time were Brexit and Trump, both of which are by no means the final problem-solver. One day we got into a conversation about the future and I, being the pessimist (though I dare say I was being a realist) of the group, went on and on about how the West will fall if we don’t fix ourselves and our country. If we do not hurry up the immigrant wave will knock us down and we will drown. If we do not quickly and efficiently make a 180° turn-around, it will not be enough.

They wouldn’t have it, they dismissed my concerns, saying that they had faith the West could decide its own future. They believed that there was no need to worry, that it will be all right. Well, it won’t be. Not if we sit around waiting for the change to come. That is what our parents and grandparents did; they sat around, complaining and not ever following their words. There was no need to worry, Western civilization could never fall!

Sentiments like these are, in a way, easy to have. Westerners are smart and it would be insane to think that we would bring about or allow our own demise when we are so powerful. Nevertheless, exactly that is happening and no claims of Jewish, communist, marxist, globalist, Chinese, or Russian subversion and whatnot can deny that, at the end of the day, it’s ultimately up to us whether we survive or fall. Yes, we have enemies, but no matter how much they wish they could control all our hearts, they do not and never will. Only we can.

If we are not the change we wish to see then it will never come. This kind of optimism is just an excuse for laziness and a way to put off stress and I can understand that. When our civilization is about to collapse, your natural reaction is to deny it and hide your eyes. Doing that does not make impending disaster go away though; how the Romans wished it would have.

I love the gains we have made in the past few years but if we are going to sit back and pretend our movement will drive itseld, we would be horribly mistaken. We cannot afford to be apolitical now. Politics involve every man whether he likes it or not.

I caution you, dear reader, do not waste your life basking in the fruits of Western civilization and leaving your children with none. We have a duty to uphold what our ancestors handed down to us.

Do not let it all slide away in the warm embrace of rampant optimism.



  1. I agree.

    I am optimistick, and very encouraged by what I see.

    We’ve come a long way since 2008 – 2014, even.

    That said, we have an enormous mental bridge to cross over in The South – and we are not near doing that.

    We have a lot of work to do.

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